The Reality Is

DATE: March 16, 2020

BY: Jacqueline Nagle

Any Given Tuesday - The Reality Is

Our world is changing and right now we are all trying to work out how to navigate an ever-changing reality; there is nothing new or settled about it yet, and like many of you I am surprised in each moment both my own range of emotions and reactions, and those who are visibly strengthening in response, and those – sometimes unexpectedly – who are crumbling under the ferociousness of the change.

 In 2016 staring down a California Gag Order, I was given the single most powerful advice I have ever been given by Phil Di Bella; get up close and personal with the worst possible outcome, make a plan for that, then set it aside and get on with what you can actually do. Control the controllables. 

The reality is people will lose their jobs. It may be you. It may be someone you love. It may be all the people on your street.

People will lose their businesses. It may be mine. It may be yours. It may be everyone in your arena.

People will lose their way under the weight of uncertainty. It may be me. It may be you. It may be an entire community.

Right now it is about understanding, and accepting, the reality of that. And then putting it to one side and work out, every day, the best way to operate today. 

There are clients last week who you would have told me were your top clients. Call them. Ask them how they are. Find out where you can help. Shut up and listen, and most of all if you can – help them. 

The proposals you have out for work. Call them. Ask them how they are. Put the proposal aside and find out how what you do and what you know can help them in this moment. Shut up and listen, and most of all if you can – help them. 

The events you have to cancel. Call the people who normally work with you on these – the venues, the AV teams, the conference and event organisers, the photographers and videographers. Ask them how they are. Find out where you can help. Shut up and listen, and most of all if you can – help them.

And most of all understand this. If you are not immuno-supressed, you are not over 60, you have not travelled overseas and through an epicentre, then you are blessed, and you should start to act this way.

This is unprecedented. 

But so is our ability to stay connected through quarantine. So is the opportunity for many of us to simply change where we work from and how we do that work.  And so is the opportunity to step into simply being human.

Let me know if you are okay, and if you are not, then let me know how I can help.

With love,

Jacqueline x