Raise 1000 Voices

Raise 1000 Voices podcast is a place for women to gather and learn the science and art of influence – the skills of speaking, pitching, selling and negotiating. These skills accelerate our ability to move from where we are now to where we want to be – through the sharing of stories.

Raise 1000 Voices

Raise 1000 Voices podcast is a place for women to gather and learn the science and art of influence – the skills of speaking, pitching, selling and negotiating. These skills accelerate our ability to move from where we are now to where we want to be – through the sharing of stories.

Raise 1000 Voices Podcast

It is not a bright, bold, idea created on a whim. This is the new home of more than 20 years successfully unlocking the power of stories, voices, language and questions from the start-up trenches to the Corporate C Suite.

It’s a home which will be enriched through conversations with extra-ordinary women who deliver a powerful infusion of story and lived experience to gift insights and lessons for all.

026: Breaking Comfort Zones with BOLDness with Julie O’Neill

Break free from comfort zones for personal and business growth. Julie O’Neill shares her bold journey on Raise 1000 Voices.

025: Empowering Communities: Supporting Health and Education with Bronwyn Wright

Empower communities through health and education support. Bronwyn Wright discusses vital roles in thriving societies on Raise 1000 Voices

024: My Strategy Is To Be Dead First. The Reality Of The Homeless Crisis For Women Over 55 with Teresa Reed

Australia’s homeless crisis for women over 55 addressed by Teresa Reed on Raise 1000 Voices. Advocating dignity and solutions.

023: Filthy Rich.  Now Grounded AF with Lezly Kaye

Embrace authenticity with Lezly Kaye on Raise 1000 Voices. Discover the power of living truthfully and authentically.

022: Mastering The Mind and Body for Leadership with Margy Feldhuhn

Learn the vital role of nervous system regulation in leadership from Margy Feldhuhn on Raise 1000 Voices podcast.

021: Olympic Gold & Staying Relevant with Kerri Pottharst OAM OLY

Kerri Pottharst’s journey from Olympic gold to relevance. Volleyball champ turned inspiring speaker, sharing lessons and empowering others

020: Amplifying Your Authentic Message Through AI With Amy Yamada

Unlock the power of AI like ChatGPT to amplify your authentic message. Amy Yamada shares insights on meaningful connections in Raise 1000 Voices podcast.

019: Embracing The Power Of Being a Highly Sensitive Person with Heather Dominick

Discover the power of being a highly sensitive person with Heather Dominick on Raise 1000 Voices. Embrace your superpowers!

018: Holding Space and Empowering Little Humans with Nichole Hamilton

Nichole Hamilton empowers parents to nurture their ‘little humans’ with love and support on Raise 1000 Voices podcast.

017: How to Find Your Inner Strength and Let It Shine With Manna Abraham

Manna Abraham’s journey from cultural norms to inner strength. Discover how to believe in yourself and face life’s challenges on Raise 1000 Voices.

016: Embracing The Mess in the Midlife Turning Point With Kate Billing

Embrace midlife as an opportunity for self-awareness and transformation with Kate Billing on Raise 1000 Voices podcast.

015: Unmasking Autism – and Revealing its True Power with Dr. Angela Lauria

Discover the transformative journey of unmasking autism with Dr. Angela Lauria on Raise 1000 Voices podcast.

014: The Impact of Women’s Active Citizenship with Kim Rubenstein

Kim Rubenstein highlights the importance of women’s voices in Constitutional Law and active citizenship on Raise 1000 Voices podcast.

013: Compassion, Grace & Mastering our Inner Life with Claudia Chan

Claudia Chan, an empowerment powerhouse, discusses inner transformation and compassion on Raise 1000 Voices podcast

012: A Humanitarian Approach to Creating Cultures of Courage with Sarah Morse

Sarah Morse shares her humanitarian adventures and the importance of fostering cultures of courage in this Raise 1000 Voices episode.

011: Creating Change to Elevate Women with Jen Wittwer

Jen Wittwer shares her journey in empowering women in male-dominated industries, emphasizing the importance of raising their voices.

010: Powerful Insights From Previous Episodes and What to Expect Moving Forward

In 2023, Raise 1000 Voices podcast continues to feature remarkable women sharing powerful stories with courage and purpose.

008: Liberating the Inner Author – and Sharing PHENOMENAL Stories with Dr. Angela Lauria

Great storytelling creates connections and influences readers. Dr. Angela Lauria shares insights on liberating your inner author and crafting powerful stories.

007: Claim Your True Purpose By Acknowledging Who You Truly Are with Julie Cross

Embrace your true self, claim your purpose, and share your unique stories. Julie Cross discusses the importance of being authentic on the Raise 1000 Voices podcast.

006: The Power of Compelling Story Telling with Zara Love

Storytelling sparks action and offers a unique perspective. Zara Love discusses the power of compelling storytelling on the Raise 1000 Voices podcast.

005: The Fight to Eradicate Period Poverty with Rochelle Courtenay

Rochelle Courtenay, Founder of Share the Dignity, fights period poverty in Australia, distributing menstrual products and raising awareness.

004: Understanding The Power of One and How It Creates Ripples of Change with Rabia Siddique

Rabia Siddique, a lawyer, author, and survivor, discusses the profound influence of individual actions and decisions on this podcast episode.

003: The Generational Impact When Women Don’t Lead with Karolina Gunsser

Karolina Gunsser, a church leader, discusses the generational impact of women not leading authentically in this episode.

002: The Power of Being Interesting with Maz Farrelly

Maz Farrelly, The CEO Whisperer, discusses the power of being interesting and confident in this podcast episode.

001: The Cost of Diminishment with Erika Cramer

Erika Cramer, The Queen of Confidence, discusses the cost of diminishing childhood experiences and the path to confidence in this pilot podcast episode.

000: Welcome to Our World

The Raise 1000 Voices podcast empowers women to break their silence, share their stories, and be heard in a world that often silences them.

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