December 22, 2021

000: Welcome to Our World

The Raise 1000 Voices podcast empowers women to break their silence, share their stories, and be heard in a world that often silences them.

Welcome to Our World

Have you ever felt like your voice wasn’t heard? Like you were shouting into the wind, and no one was listening? Too often, women feel this way. We are told to be quiet, not to make too much noise, and to let the men speak. But it’s time for us to raise our voices. It’s time for us to be heard. We have a lot to say, and the world needs to hear it. 

Welcome to the Raise 1000 Voices podcast. This is a podcast for women, by women. We will be discussing the issues that matter to us and sharing our stories. This is a safe place for us to speak our minds and to be heard.

It’s time to break the silence and speak up. No more being quiet and letting the men do all the talking. We believe that every woman has a story to tell, and we want to help her tell it.

So let’s raise our voices together and make some noise. Let’s show the world that we’re here and we’re not going anywhere. Let’s change the narrative and create a future where everyone is heard. Let’s raise our voices and change the world.


  • What is the Raise 1000 Voices podcast all about (00:35)
  • The power of words (03:25)
  • How Jacqueline Nagle has built her career (06:44)
  • Redefining and reclaiming your identity (10:42)


“The only way to hold the sweeping waves that threatened to drown our voices is to find our voices.” -Jacqueline Nagle

“I had to redefine and reclaim my identity more than once and find a way to show up in the arena when on my worst days, all I want to do is slide back into a cave.” -Jacqueline Nagle

“We are needed by women, and for women like never before.” -Jacqueline Nagle


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