November 14, 2022

002: The Power of Being Interesting with Maz Farrelly

Maz Farrelly, The CEO Whisperer, discusses the power of being interesting and confident in this podcast episode.

Power of Being Interesting

No matter what stage of life we are in, the constant fear of standing out and being different somehow lingers. This has a compelling impact on how we interact with others. In this episode of Raise 1000 Voices (the podcast), we talk about the power of being interesting with Maz Farrelly.

Maz is The CEO Whisperer and has worked with the most successful people on earth. She is a keynote speaker, content creator, media trainer, and consultant. 

As a media specialist, she learnt that the golden rule is to find out what makes you interesting and showcase it to the world. However, it’s not always easy to have the confidence and express what makes you remarkable.

In a world where everybody’s trying to look and act like everyone else, it’s a breath of fresh air to see someone living unapologetically and embodying what makes them fascinating. If this sparks your interest, be sure to listen to the episode.


  • Maz’s career journey and how she helps companies and individuals (03:42)
  • Why are people afraid to be different? (07:57)
  • The dangers of using apologetic language (12:37)
  • The heartbreaking consequences of women not using their voices (26:49)
  • How Maz’s father influenced her confidence in asking questions (33:35)
  • How can women become more confident? (44:38)
  • Maz’s superpower and why she’s fascinated with people (52:40)
  • The worst advice she received and how she deals with them (54:15)


“Every time I go and do something that works beautifully it’s because I’m not listening to the opinions of others.” -Jacqueline Nagle

“We know we want change, but if change is going to happen, everyone has to come to the party.” -Maz Farrelly

“When you’re really happy, you’re lovely to everyone. And when you’re not really happy, you’re not as lovely. When people are behaving badly, that’s when they need the most love.” -Maz Farrelly

“The embarrassment muscle is the only muscle that gets weaker with use.” -Maz Farrelly

The Georgie Collective
Julia Gillard’s famous misogyny speech



Maz has been to more showbiz parties than Kim Kardashian’s Spanx and down more red carpets than a Dyson vacuum.  She has been the big boss of the biggest TV shows in the world, with the biggest teams, budgets, audiences and superstars and her content has been watched more than eight BILLION times worldwide.  Maz is now on a mission to help inspired individuals and clever corporations deliver their story with the impact of a cement fist in a cashmere glove.


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