May 22, 2023

023: Filthy Rich.  Now Grounded AF with Lezly Kaye

Embrace authenticity with Lezly Kaye on Raise 1000 Voices. Discover the power of living truthfully and authentically.

Grounded AF

Speaking truth to power and embracing authenticity can be a radical act in a world that often values conformity over individuality. But what does it mean to live authentically? And why is it so important?

In this episode of Raise 1000 Voices, Lezly Kaye throws a light on just why it matters.  Filthy Rich, success beyond most people’s imaginations, growing businesses to $65M turnover, a marriage and a gorgeous young child, she burnt it to the ground in her shift from Filthy Rich to Grounded AF – unlocking the power of authenticity and how it helps every single one of us to navigate the world with integrity and purpose – even, maybe especially, if it goes against the norms and expectations of society.

Living authentically can be challenging, especially in a world that often values conformity and fitting in. It requires courage, vulnerability, and a willingness to face criticism and rejection from others. But it is the only way to create a more meaningful and fulfilling life for ourselves and contribute to a more authentic and compassionate world.


  • What it’s like growing up in a drug-addicted family (02:00)
  • Lezly’s journey into real estate and recruitment (04:04)
  • How to deal with the misogyny narrative (10:45)
  • Losing her trust in men – how did it affect her (14:05)
  • The power of redefining and reclaiming one’s story (18:15)
  • The importance of speaking into one’s truth (23:30)
  • The difference between abundance and wealth (26:10)
  • Why you should surround yourself with the right people (29:52)
  • Borrowed belief and codependency in coaching (32:28)
  • The power of believing in something bigger than yourself (33:40)
  • Rapid-fire questions with Lezly Kaye (37:47)

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“The inability to trust and the inability to have difficult conversations is what loses my trust within a relationship.” -Lezly Kaye

“There’s this power that comes from almost invoking the words that you are bringing into the world.” -Lezly Kaye

“We create what we speak.” -Jacqueline Nagle


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7 Figure CEO, Master NLP Coach, Medicine Women,

Breathwork Facilitator, Founder at Grounded Leadership, Speaker and Corporate Mentor

Filthy Rich and Famous, but Grounded AF, is the driving force that Lezly Kaye now uses to guide her life. After a series of seemingly co-incidental business partnerships that had Lezly feeling like a target for manipulative behaviour, a failed business to the sum of $3.2 million dollars, an increase in weight to 110kg and a marriage that was no longer feeling aligned, Lezly decided to take full responsibility for her life, her actions and the decisions that led her to this place of feeling like she had it all, but nothing at the same time.

Lezly openly shares her journey of being materialistically rich, and emotionally bankrupt, to emotionally wealthy and nearly bankrupt and the journey back to creating a life with it all.

What allowed her to birth her signature program The Self Responsibility (TM) code. And the key steps that everyone can take to re-claim their lives and start to truly live on their terms magnetising their desires into reality.


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