November 14, 2022

003: The Generational Impact When Women Don’t Lead with Karolina Gunsser

Karolina Gunsser, a church leader, discusses the generational impact of women not leading authentically in this episode.

Generational Impact When Women Don’t Lead

All our lives, women have been led to believe we need to lead like men, or in place of men. And this has a detrimental effect on our leadership and how we communicate with others. In this episode of the Raise 1000 Voices podcast, we’ll learn about the generational impact when women don’t lead with Karolina Gunsser.

Karolina is a passionate communicator and teacher of the Word. She leads the Redcliffe location of Citipointe Church and her influence and ministry is a blessing to many generations across all sectors of society.

Karolina is a self-proclaimed reluctant leader despite hearing positive attributes from the people around her – a hestitation that comes from how women are portrayed in both ministry and leadership. 

And surprisingly the encouragement to step up and be the leader she is meant to be came from people we least expect – the men surrounding her. 

Tune into this episode to learn more about the paradigm shift that allowed Karolina to rise above the challenges of women’s leadership and raise her voice. 


  • Karolina’s journey of leading a church and her redefinition process (03:40)
  • The cornerstone in her redefinition (06:45)
  • The advantages of women seeking counsel and coaching (09:59)
  • Why women need to raise their voices (12:32)
  • The cost of women not stepping into leadership (15:35)
  • Why do women constantly excuse themselves (17:23)
  • The impact of living in causes bigger than ourselves (21:42)
  • The significance of having a support network (24:55)
  • What has kept her sane through challenges and given the power to her voice (28:43)
  • The distinction between peacekeeper and peacemaker (39:42)


“When men and women are leading together it has generational implications. When it’s either/or, and at the expense of the other, it’s so limited in its reach.” -Karolina Gunsser

“The measure of a good leader is having someone else’s dream come true under your leadership.” -Karolina Gunsser

“Grace in the slipstream is actually being in touch with yourself, understanding when you’re in flow and when the resistance starts to flare.” -Jacqueline Nagle

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Karolina Gunsser is an anointed Christian voice coming out of Australia.

As an author, preacher, blogger and pastor, her influence and ministry are a blessing to many generations across all sectors of society. Combining a background in media, communications and business, years of lived leadership experience and her prophetic edge, Karolina is a strategic thinker and a spiritual architect. She has a powerful communicative ability, which is undergirded by a deep devotion to biblical truth. Her words, both written and orated, deliver revelation and empowerment to audiences around the world. Alongside her husband Sam, she has been leading teams in churches for more than two decades.

Currently, they lead the Redcliffe location of Citipointe Church, with a contagious passion and undeniable skill for developing strong layers of leaders and volunteers. Together they are the proud parents to their four champions: Maja Gabrielle, Layla Justice, Judah Cruz, and Jesse Jons.


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