December 5, 2022

007: Claim Your True Purpose By Acknowledging Who You Truly Are with Julie Cross

Embrace your true self, claim your purpose, and share your unique stories. Julie Cross discusses the importance of being authentic on the Raise 1000 Voices podcast.

Claim your true purpose

Don’t you think it is more than a little crazy that as we get a little older society expects you to act and show up in a different way? Not only is it crazy, these expectations sometimes erode your voice and diminish your purpose. In this episode of the Raise 1000 Voices podcast we get really serious about allowing our pathway and purpose to unfold by falling in love with who you truly are with Julie Cross.

Julie Cross CSP is one of Australia’s most inspiring keynote speakers. By combining compelling insights into human behaviour with practical strategies, Julie knows how to leave audiences with tools that help them to live their best lives and set a high standard in their existence – and this is exactly what she is bringing to the world of Raise 1000 Voices

It can be so easy to feel lost and confused when you listen to what others dictate as their expectations of you. But giving yourself permission to feel comfortable in being yourself allows your purpose to become more obvious. AND you realise that the personality you have was deliberately designed for what you’re meant to do.

There is nobody else like you and the world needs you to show up as you are. Your stories are meant to be shared in your own unique way. You must remember you are enough, more than capable of changing your story – and in doing so, you confidently move towards your true purpose. 


  • Why Julie Cross is born into who she is (01:02)
  • Claiming your true purpose (03:35)
  • The importance of sharing stories and taking people into different worlds (06:13)
  • Sharing “big stories” to form a connection (10:18)
  • What prevents women from owning their stage? (14:59)
  • Learning how to dance with the inner critic (18:12)
  • Stories that made the greatest impact on Julie (21:35)
  • Amazing storytellers for Julie (25:55)
  • What motivated her to publish a book (29:48)
  • Dealing with the stumbles in life (34:05)
  • Worst and best piece of advice she’s been given (43:41)
  • The value in using our voices (44:47)


“PLEASE use your voice.  The world needs ALL of us to show up.” – Julie Cross

“The minute we start worrying about what somebody might think or how they might judge us then we lose our voice straight away.” -Julie Cross

“We use our voice not just by what we say but also with what we do and how we move through the world.” -Julie Cross

“The story and communication we’re constantly subjected to can impact our DNA which is why we see trauma being generational and the way to reverse adverse impacts is to change stories.” -Jacqueline Nagle

“Maybe stories are just data with soul.” -Brené Brown



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One of the most inspiring keynote speakers in Australia. She combines powerful insights into human behaviour with practical strategies that leaves audiences with powerful tools for living their best life and setting a higher standard in all aspects of their existence.

Whether she’s presenting to five or 500, her message resonates on a deep level, enabling her presentations to have residual effect and lasting impact. 

We have speakers that deliver the systems, the information, the knowledge, the statistics, the methodology and the bottom line, and that is great, we need that, however…

Julie takes it to the next step and connects the information in our heads with the inspiration in our hearts. Emotion creates motion and that is where the action happens. Delegate’s will takes action when they feel empowered to do so, and after experiencing Julie Cross, they are empowered to do so!

Julie Cross’ qualifications and expertise stems from an early start in the workforce and through gaining a diploma from the university of “real life”.  Julie has taken responsibility for her own personal development while coping with personal and professional challenges, many of which she shares during her powerful and moving presentations.

Julie has 25 years speaking experience and the growth have her business over that time has been through word of mouth recommendations which speaks to the powerful affect she has on her audiences.


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