38: Five Hot Tips for Success as a Speaker

April 12, 2024

38: Five Hot Tips for Success as a Speaker

Jacqueline shares her five hot tips for success as a speaker.


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Are you facing tricky challenges in breaking through as a speaker? 

In this episode of the Speaker Driven Business, Jacqueline shares her five hot tips for success as a speaker. She begins by explaining the two core ways speakers can generate revenue: getting paid as a professional speaker or using speaking to drive sales into your product ecosystem or business. Regardless of your goal, Jacqueline’s five tips are crucial.

Whether you aim to make money directly from speaking engagements or indirectly through speaking to promote your business or services, Jacqueline promises to dramatically accelerate your success as a paid professional speaker or speaker promoting your business by implementing these five hot tips.


  • How to make money from speaking (00:41)
  • Jacqueline’s five hot tips for success as a speaker at a glance (01:46)
  • Tip #1: There is cash behind your data couch (02:33)
  • Tip #2: Get into the arena (07:05)
  • Tip #3: The conference backup plan (08:47)
  • Tip #4: Leverage the golden minute (11:20)


“Something that works no matter the environment is something you should invest in because it means that it works.” – Jacqueline Nagle

“You have to get into the arena. You can’t get your speech to where it needs to be without getting a bit pummelled and a bit massaged.” – Jacqueline Nagle

“The only way to get better at speaking and to become someone who’s in demand is, one, be speaking, two, be seen to be speaking, and three, be seen to be continually improving what you deliver.” – Jacqueline Nagle


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