33: It's More Than How You Make Them Feel: Speaking To Be Remembered

February 8, 2024

34: Want To Stand Out? Then Flip Your Thinking

 Jacqueline shares strategies for creating powerful speech content by tapping into your deepest wisdom and experiences.


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Have you heard – or are you guilty of falling into – the Clever Trap?  It’s a phenomenon that strikes which shows up as cramming too much in! And that is a problem in more ways than you can imagine. 

But in this episode of Speaker Driven Business, Jacqueline shares strategies for creating powerful speech content by tapping into your deepest wisdom and experiences – and focussing in on one bold idea that will create the greatest impact. 

She outlines a step-by-step process for brainstorming content that will help spur new thinking while resisting the urge to prejudge any ideas during the creative flow. You will also discover techniques on how to move from scattered thinking to targeted content creation. 

By mining your personal expertise and effectively communicating their true essence, you can create talks that deeply resonate with your audience. This episode will equip you with the tools you need to develop presentations that go beyond information to transformation.


  • The clever person syndrome or clever person trap: a danger point in speaking  (00:24)
  • The one bold idea approach in the Ted Talk format (01:47)
  • Another danger point in speaking: failing to stand out and provide customers what they’re looking for (02:39)
  • The importance of going deep enough to explore your own genius (04:30)
  • How to flip your thinking and go deeper into your blind spots (06:28)
  • Benefits of the Blue Apple (07:48)
  • Step 1: Write your who, what, and the gift (13:53)
  • Step 2: Don’t prejudge the process (18:00)


“If we just go to what we currently know, what comes up first in our internal Google search bar, we may well be missing what will be the most powerful for the audience.” – Jacqueline Nagle

“The key to delivering powerful and authentic content that is uniquely yours is to first pull out what is inside of you, your lived and worked experience, your insights and perspectives, your strategies, your methodologies, and to go deeper than what is current, what is at the front of your mind.” – Jacqueline Nagle

“The difference between the gold medalist and silver medalist at the Olympics … it’s like a split second of a difference … is that the gold medalist swims through the wall, and the silver medalist swims to the wall.” – Jacqueline Nagle


Blue Apple

Neuro-Storming Process Worksheet


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