29: Hook Hearts and Change Minds With Emotion Mapping

January 23, 2024

29: Hook Hearts and Change Minds With Emotion Mapping

Jacqueline dives into the critical strategy of emotion mapping for impactful speaking.


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Are you yearning to create deeper, stronger emotional connections with your audiences because you know these can more effectively catalyse changes in their perspectives? Stay tuned to find out exactly how you can do this! 

In this episode of the Speaker Driven Business, Jacqueline dives into the critical strategy of emotion mapping for impactful speaking. She stresses that speakers must map the emotional journey they want their audiences to experience to genuinely connect with them. 

Jacqueline outlines a four-step framework for emotion mapping and provides examples of how speakers were able to enhance their speeches through emotion mapping.

The solutions lie in mapping the entire presentation to lead listeners through an emotional arc, going beyond just a mic drop ending, and resolving open story loops to truly immerse audiences. 

With compelling stories and sensory details, you can shift mindsets and inspire change. This episode provides practical strategies and tools to elevate your communication and connections and make your content unforgettable.


  • What emotion mapping and creating a mic drop moment are all about (01:31)
  • Nominalisation and how it can put laser focus into the emotion that we want to elicit in our audiences (02:42)
  • How an emotion map can help you influence your audience to feel a certain way at each point of your speech/story (03:37)
  • How to integrate emotion mapping into your stories and speeches (06:28)


“A mic drop is not created just by the words. A mic drop is created by delivering words which evoke an emotional, visceral reaction in your audience.” – Jacqueline Nagle

“Emotion creates connection, and strong emotions create change, in thinking in perspective, even in actual change.” – Jacqueline Nagle

“Go beyond the mic drop, the emotional state you want to lead people in, and emotionally map your entire speech or presentation. Your audiences will love you for it.” – Jacqueline Nagle


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