25: Story Shaping 102: The Secrets of Story Activation

January 2, 2024

25: Story Shaping 102: The Secrets of Story Activation

Jacqueline explores the concept of story activation.


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When speaking to an audience, it’s crucial to always elicit a response, maintain engagement, avoid narrative disconnects, and cultivate trust and connection.

In this episode of the Speaker Driven Business, Jacqueline  explores the concept of story activation. She discusses its value in creating stimulating interactions, forging strong connections, and building credibility as a speaker.

Jacqueline shares 12 critical tips for successfully activating your stories. Her key insights include staying true to the Blue Apple, creating space for your audience to lean into your story, and the importance of specificity as you avoid generalisations. She also highlights the value of truth and accuracy in storytelling so you can more effectively land your messages. 

If your aim is to activate a visceral, emotional response in your audience and foster trust and connection through authentic and engaging stories, this episode will equip you with the techniques you need. 


  • What is story activation? (01:36)
  • Ways we accidentally deactivate our stories (02:09)
  • Tip #1: Don’t teach (03:38)
  • Tip #2: Tell a full story (04:19)
  • Tip #3: Drop into the moments and keep to the Blue Apple (05:12)
  • Tip #4: Create the space (06:15)
  • Tip #5: Specificity (06:53)
  • Tip #6: Name the characters (08:39)
  • TIp #7: Ignite the senses (09:19)
  • Tip #8: Use time as a setup phrase (10:28)
  • Tip #9: Truth and accuracy (11:20)
  • Tip #10: Choose your words and eliminate the fluff (13:24)
  • Tip #11: Don’t abdicate your power on stage (14:37)
  • Tip #12: Use quotes wisely (15:45)


We want to be able to tell stories and activate them in such a way that people lean into them, that people put themselves in beside us in those stories.– Jacqueline Nagle

“Specificity creates connection and credibility.” – Jacqueline Nagle

“The more that you can ignite the senses in your audience, the more they will lean into it, and the more that they will put themselves in beside you.” – Jacqueline Nagle


The Blue Apple


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