24: Story Shaping 101: The Structure of Story

December 21, 2023

24: Story Shaping 101: The Structure of Story

 Jacqueline dives into the secrets of shaping compelling stories.


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Simply telling stories, no matter how interesting or exciting, will not always be enough to captivate your audience. You need to deliberately craft narratives that draw them in and allow them to connect with you on a deeper level. 

In this episode of the Speaker Driven Business, Jacqueline dives into the secrets of shaping compelling stories. She underscores the value of structuring stories —  a critical skill that will help you evaluate your story’s strength, create space for connection, and reinforce key messages.

Jacqueline outlines five structures that will help you creatively shape your stories. She also shares examples of these structures through her own stories, as well as those of others she has come across. 

No story structure is inherently better than another — the key is to use these story frames to land your messages and create maximum impact. So, if you’re eager to find out how you can move your audiences from being mere passive listeners to wanting to actively lean in, this episode is a must!


  • Three reasons why it’s important to structure your stories (01:38)
  • The simple story structure (05:42)
  • The hero’s journey story structure (07:07)
  • The intense hero’s journey story structure (09:48)
  • The flipped hero’s journey story structure (10:52)
  • The crescendo story structure (13:46)

The choice point story structure (14:18)


“We expect stories to take us somewhere. And if you’re not shaping stories deliberately, then you will never be able to do that.” – Jacqueline Nagle

“This is what story structures do — give us the stepping stones that we need to cross the creek with you.” – Jacqueline Nagle


The Blue Apple

Joseph Campbell

Danielle Woodhouse


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