23: Your Business Stories: The 3 Stories to Share with Your Audiences

December 19, 2023

23: Your Business Stories: The 3 Stories to Share with Your Audiences

 Jacqueline explores the importance of crafting three core stories for your business.


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Creating messages which resonate with your audience is a skill that requires consideration, sincerity, and charisma. In this episode of the Speaker Driven Business podcast, Jacqueline explores the importance of crafting three core stories for your business: your Business Story of Origin, your North Star Story, and your Witnessed Stories.

Identifying and curating these stories will allow you to connect more authentically with your audience and step into the full truth and power of your purpose. Your Business Story of Origin, in particular, will establish trust and get audiences buying into you by revealing the problem you solve, the promise you make, and the way in which you help solve that problem.

Your North Star story serves as your compass, proclaiming the bold and audacious future you envision, a world in which your services may in fact be obsolete – because you’ve solved the core problem. Jacqueline suggests viewing these as legacy building stories that can outlive you and keep your mission going.

The concept of the Witnessed Story, already discussed in a previous episode, is expanded on in this episode to bolster your business story telling ability. 

Eager to take your storytelling skills to new heights?  Then tune in to this episode for more insights on how your business stories can make a strong and lasting impact on your audience. 


  • The three core stories you need in your business (02:35)
  • The Business Story of Origin (02:58)
  • Jacqueline Nagle’s personal business story of origin (06:08)
  • The North Star Story (10:30)


The only way to attain that sustainable speaking career is to actually have a sustainable speaking business.” – Jacqueline Nagle

“The power of a business story of origin is that it creates trust and connection …” – Jacqueline Nagle

“Your north star story — this is your compass, this is your aspiration. This is the world that’s possible if your work is no longer necessary.” – Jacqueline Nagle

“Your Northstar Story and your Business Story of Origin are going to be the two narratives that will continue to convince you that it’s okay to take a deep breath, to dust yourself off, and to get going again.” – Jacqueline Nagle


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