13: One Bold Idea

November 14, 2023

13: One Bold Idea

We dive right into the zone of crafting a clear and impactful message.


We need to have a conversation about what is the first hurdle for almost every speaker.  It’s a common challenge that many passionate and knowledgeable entrepreneurs, experts and aspiring speakers  encounter—the urge to speak on a wide array of topics. 

Even though the key to standing out on the speaking stage lays in having One Bold Idea.

In this episode, we dive right into the zone of crafting a clear and impactful message. Having the belief that speakers can speak on every topic under the sun due to intelligence and rich experience leads us straight into the clever trap – and being stuck in your speaking. 

Throughout this conversation, Jacqueline offers valuable insights into the significance of a focused message in speaking. She emphasises the importance of concentration and equips us with the tools needed to discover our own One Bold Idea.

Are you ready to uncover the secrets of impactful speaking and identify your own One Bold Idea?  Then this episode is your gateway to success in the world of speaking.


  • The Clever Trap and how it stops speakers from adding value to others (01:05)
  • How FOMO stops you choosing a clear message (02:10)
  • The benefits of having One Bold Idea (03:20)
  • The “Flirting, Dating, and Marriage” Approach before committing to one clear message (05:35)
  • The Focus Map Exercise to accelerate identifying your one clear message (06:43)


“We can’t be all things to all people.” -Jacqueline Nagle

“Our success comes from one bold idea, one clear message that people can land on.” -Jacqueline Nagle

“People can’t find you and they won’t buy you unless they know what your clear messaging is.” -Jacqueline Nagle



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