12: This Is How They Find You

November 9, 2023

12: This Is How They Find You

We blow your mind open as to just what it takes to become an in-demand speaker.


In the speaking arena, a common dilemma for entrepreneurs, experts and aspiring speakers is the relentless quest to find the ideal audiences. Whilst you must be prepared to outbound hustle a little, the secret to success actually lies not in tirelessly searching for your audience – but in becoming so damn good that your audience comes to find you. 

In this episode, we blow your mind open as to just what it takes to become an in-demand speaker. That instead of relentlessly chasing potential audiences, you commit completely to honing your speaking skills to a level that magnetically attracts (the right) people to you.

Being discovered doesn’t mean waiting for opportunities to come your way, nor burning yourself out in high-hustle mode. It involves actively making yourself extraordinary – ensuring your audiences can’t resist seeking you out.

Tune in to this episode as we explore just how to become sought after in the world of speaking.


  • The importance of being exceptional (01:55)
  • Understanding the right timing for building relationships (07:29)
  • The role of speaker bureaus (08:40)
  • What bureau owners are really looking for (10:18)
  • How to pitch successfully? (12:20)


“It’s not about finding your audiences. It’s about your audiences being able to find you.”

“How you get found is actually being so damn good that they come to find you.” -Jacqueline Nagle

“Stop consuming and start producing.” -Jacqueline Nagle



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