October 12, 2023

04: Silencing Self-Doubt: Strategies to Embrace Your Inner Critic and Empower Your Outer Voice

The most frequent questions we get asked is how do I get paid as a speaker, and how do I get the gigs.


04: Silencing Self-Doubt: Strategies to Embrace Your Inner Critic and Empower Your Outer Voice

Here is an inconvenient truth when it comes to speaking up and speaking into anything that matters.  You cannot power pose yourself into lasting confidence – especially when it comes to speaking from a stage, a platform, in any room.

If you have ever found yourself silenced by self-doubt, standing in the shadows of your own potential, longing to speak into what you know to be true about the world – yet held captive by the power of unrelenting inner critic, then this episode is for you.

In today’s episode of Speaker Driven Business we are going to explain just what is really going on when you feel nervous, have clammy hands, lose your words, feel your tongue thicken and your throat close.  It is not what you think and it is just one of the myths we bust in this game changing episode.

But this isn’t just a series of opinions – we’re going to share with you some of the key strategies we have previously only shared with our clients that will give you the secrets you need to wrap your inner critic back into the love of your inner voice, claim the speaking confidence that is your birthright – and to be able to speak with strength, power, and grace.

This is not an episode to be missed.



  • The beliefs about speaking and using our voices (01:06)
  • The value of managing and understanding the inner critic (03:46)
  • Clarity through contrast: a practical exercise to deal with inner critic and imposter syndrome (09:10)


“We need to understand that our inner voice actually has our best interests at heart” -Jacqueline Nagle

“The strength of our outer voice will never outstrip the power of our inner voice. And until we understand that, we will never win the war against the internal critic and feeling like an imposter.” -Jacqueline Nagle



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