October 12, 2023

03: We Need To Talk About Speaking Authentically

The most frequent questions we get asked is how do I get paid as a speaker, and how do I get the gigs.


03: We Need To Talk About Speaking Authentically

The world demands we speak authentically. Every single person who has speaking in their sights wants to ensure they are – and are seen to be – speaking authentically.

Yet why does it seem elusive?  Why does the promise of ‘learning to speak authentically’ still get our attention?  If authenticity is about being real, why is it something we need to ‘learn’?

In this episode of Speaker Driven Business we throw light into what is wrong with the promises in the speaker training and coaching industry, and unlock the one key to authentic speaking that accelerates your ability to connect with your audience in a way that is both authentic and compelling.

It is the single most transformative part of our work, and will gift you the permission to be who you are whatever the stage, and align your speaking style, stage presence and message with your core identity – ensuring you create unforgettable connections with your audience.


  • Common assumptions related to speaking and authenticity (02:40)
  • Authenticity in speaking and how to achieve this (04:32)
  • Why knowing your core identity is key for being authentic (07:17)
  • Exploring the three core speaking identity categories and how to find yours(10:20)


“If you’re not funny in real life and you’re trying to be funny on stage, you will not be authentic no matter how much you make people laugh, it will never feel comfortable. It will literally feel like you are in somebody else’s skin.” -Jacqueline Nagle

“When something unfolds organically because we are confident in what we are speaking into, it captivates, it resonates, and people magically follow you.” -Jacqueline Nagle



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