June 12, 2023

026: Breaking Comfort Zones with BOLDness with Julie O’Neill

Break free from comfort zones for personal and business growth. Julie O’Neill shares her bold journey on Raise 1000 Voices.

Breaking Comfort Zones

In our quest for success, we often stay within our comfort zones of routine. However, these boundaries can hinder growth. To reach our full potential, we must break free and embrace boldness. But how?

In this episode of Raise 1000 Voices, Julie O’Neill reveals the secrets to a decades long career in Broadcast Journalism in the USA – uncovering why being bold is a must for business and personal growth. 

Julie is a speaker and author of Bold: The Secret To My Big Wins To Help You Crash Through Your Comfort Zone where she shares her personal journey of embracing boldness and how it transformed her life. She explains that breaking free from comfort zones requires a mindset shift and a willingness to take risks.

Embracing boldness is crucial for personal and business growth. By recognising the power of discomfort, embracing failure, setting audacious goals, taking calculated risks, and cultivating a growth mindset, individuals can crash through their comfort zones and embark on a journey of extraordinary success. 


  • Julie’s journey to where she is today (02:55)
  • The importance of curiosity and continuous learning (12:25)
  • The value of being bold and taking risks (15:50)
  • How being bold has pushed Julie to her limits (20:39)
  • Setting in place the right mindset (27:40)
  • Can introverts be people pleasers? (32:17)
  • Being prepared – how important is it? (36:17)
  • Why building relationships is key to a successful business (41:48)
  • Being a journalist – what is it like? (45:18)
  • Knowing who you are and what to stand for (48:30)
  • Quick questions with Julie O’Neill (52:07)

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“When we step out and dare to speak up, it pays huge dividends.” -Julie O’Neill

“You don’t build self-esteem and confidence by losing; you have to win to get those things.” -Julie O’Neill

“Losses are very meaningful because they give you the empathy and compassion you need to be truly relational with people.” -Julie O’Neill

“Women need to understand how to speak from a position of strength, power, and grace, and if we can bring that to the table, the world changes.” -Jacqueline Nagle


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Julie O’Neill is a dynamic speaker, author, former news anchor, and proud mother. With a background in television news, she has interviewed presidents, saints, and CEOs on networks like ABC, CBS, and CNN. Julie’s quick wit, charisma, and contagious laugh make her a favorite emcee and keynote speaker. 

She is also an accomplished singer, having performed the National Anthem at notable events, including a Cincinnati Reds home game and the World Peace Bell inaugural ceremony. Julie’s captivating presence and inspiring insights leave a lasting impact on diverse audiences.


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