May 15, 2023

022: Mastering The Mind and Body for Leadership with Margy Feldhuhn

Learn the vital role of nervous system regulation in leadership from Margy Feldhuhn on Raise 1000 Voices podcast.

Mastering The Mind

There are endless discussions and perspectives around great leadership – but what almost everyone agrees on is that leadership is more than directing tasks and delegating responsibilities.  At its core it is about fostering relationships and creating a positive work culture. 

Something which seems easy – but also seems to be missing from most working environments! And it is entirely possibly that at the heart of the leadership challenge is a lack of awareness around nervous system regulation and its impact on our environments.  

In this episode of the Raise 1000 Voices podcast, Forbes-featured Margy Feldhuhn shares the importance of understanding your nervous system regulation and co-regulation as a leader. Margy explains how our nervous system responses impact our ability to communicate effectively, build relationships, and lead compassionately. 

She emphasizes the need for leaders to prioritize their nervous system regulation and understand its impact on their team members. Margy also shares practical strategies for improving self and co-regulation skills.

By implementing these strategies, leaders can create a positive and productive work environment that supports the well-being of all team members. Join us in this episode as we explore the fascinating topic of nervous system regulation in leadership and learn from Margy’s expertise.


  • Margy’s journey to becoming an entrepreneur (01:52)
  • Why research behind the signature keynote mattered (05:58)
  • Lessons learned from the process of writing a book (09:49)
  • Tapping into the true messaging of those around you (13:27)
  • Nervous system regulation – what is it? (19:55)
  • The importance of co-regulation (22:01)
  • The cost of not understanding co-regulation as a leader (24:48)
  • Creating a space where discomfort is welcome (28:35)
  • Transparency and its limitations (31:53)
  • Random questions with Margy (37:45)

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“A story isn’t a story until it’s on paper.” -Jacqueline Nagle

“Co-regulation is just the reality that for social animals, we co-regulate to each other.” -Margy Feldhuhn

“Mindfulness without tools is like transparency with no plan.” -Margy Feldhuhn


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Margy Feldhuhn, a CEO with a multi-7 figure net worth, has been featured in Forbes for her work as a podcast host. She is a co-owner and leader of Interview Connections, which is the premier podcast booking agency and the first of its kind. Margy and her business partner manage a team of 25 full-time employees who work in their virtual Rhode Island office.

Using her personal experience of losing her father to suicide, Margy hosts a podcast called “We Get It, Your Dad Died” where she aims to transform the conversation around grief and showcase the positive transformation that can occur after experiencing loss. Her podcast received First Prize in the Best Podcast category at the 2021 Rhode Island International Film Festival.


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