October 12, 2023

02: The Very Definition of a Speaker Driven Business

The most frequent questions we get asked is how do I get paid as a speaker, and how do I get the gigs.


02: The Very Definition of a Speaker Driven Business

A speaker-driven business is one where your spoken word content is the most powerful strategy you have to reach your markets.  Whether you are a business leader, an expert in your field, or someone driven solely by the desire to inspire through speaking, you’re in the business of communicating with impact.

But it’s more than simply mastering the craft of speaking, it’s about aligning that craft with the right strategy.

In this episode of Speaker Driven Business, Jacqueline breaks down this business landscape into distinct categories, dispelling the myths of how to build the skills of persuasion and influence through speaking so that you can move people from where they are now to where you want them to be

Your speaker driven business category determines the how, where, and why of your speaking journey. It guides your approach to building connections, amplifying your reach, and achieving your goals. Now, let’s dive in, explore the categories, and elevate your speaking game to new heights. 


  • What is a speaker-driven business and the relevance of having one (02:00)
  • The significance of effective speaking in the face of technological advancements (04:12)
  • The Six Categories of Speakers (06:50)
  • The value of understanding one’s speaker category (12:01)


“Your future competitive advantage is going to come from your ability to speak with strength, power, and grace in a way that cuts through the noise and has people leaning into you.” -Jacqueline Nagle

“Speaking is a contact sport, so understanding exactly where it is you want to play and how you should be playing here is the most critical piece of advice I can give you.” -Jacqueline Nagle



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