April 24, 2023

019: Embracing The Power Of Being a Highly Sensitive Person with Heather Dominick

Discover the power of being a highly sensitive person with Heather Dominick on Raise 1000 Voices. Embrace your superpowers!

The Power Of Being a Highly Sensitive Person

In the constantly changing and demanding arena of leadership and entrepreneurship, there is an increasing sense of overwhelm, of being stuck for what feels to be indefinable reasons. And for 20% of the world’s population it is more than just a sense.  They are in fact a highly sensitive person – for whom the ‘traditional’ structures of career and business simply do not work  

In this episode of the Raise 1000 Voices podcast, I share an exciting conversation about embracing the power of being a highly sensitive person with the Highly Sensitive Leadership Mentor, Heather Dominick.

Heather created the Highly Sensitive (entrepreneurs) and Leaders movement as a result of experiencing extreme burnout – questioning everything she was doing became the crucial moment she discovered she is a highly sensitive person. This led to the realisation that she needed a different approach to business and day-to-day experiences.

Navigating and then codifying how to do this, Heather launched the Highly Sensitive Revolution more than a decade ago believing the creation of a space which showed leaders and entrepreneurs how to the turn the shadows of being highly sensitive into their greatest strength would in fact unleash their superpowers.  

Her global movement, community and clients have proven this to be true.  With Heather’s expertise and heart for the highly sensitive she has lead the way in celebrating the highly sensitive being – and this is a conversation you do not want to miss


  • How Heather discovered she’s a highly sensitive person (02:12)
  • What it means to be a highly sensitive person (06:20)
  • Understanding how to operate optimally with high sensitivity (10:32)
  • What makes a person stand out in a highly sensitive community (14:52)
  • Twelve Top Shadows and Top Strengths of being a highly sensitive entrepreneur (21:39)
  • What industry is best suited for highly sensitive entrepreneurs (23:19)
  • The impact of high sensitives not stepping into power (25:22)
  • Feminine voices Heather admires (27:42)
  • The value in owning sensitivity and learning how to utilise it (29:50)
  • The next level of the highly sensitive revolution she hopes for (32:10)
  • Dominant shadows and strengths (33:47)
  • Breaking myths in the world of leadership and entrepreneurship (38:55)
  • Attributes of young Heather that are still present today (40:38)

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“Any lack of voice is truly a missed opportunity.” -Heather Dominick 

“Most highly sensitives have a very unique perspective and message.” -Heather Dominick

“Many women have deep lived experiences that they want to lean into but the commonality is they’re ready to speak in service to others.” -Jacqueline Nagle


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Heather Dominick is both highly sensitive and highly successful. For more than a decade, she has trained and mentored Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs and Leaders so they are able to work less, while making more – impact and income.


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