April 17, 2023

018: Holding Space and Empowering Little Humans with Nichole Hamilton

Nichole Hamilton empowers parents to nurture their ‘little humans’ with love and support on Raise 1000 Voices podcast.

Empowering Little Humans

Most of us are drawn to doing the work that will fix what breaks our hearts – and for most of us there is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing a young child living in trauma, completely disengaged, and for who forming a connection already seems impossible. 

In a world where we seem to have less and less time to connect deeply, there is a rapidly growing need for our youth to feel loved, supported, and seen. And we need to, as a community, embrace stepping up to help in the raising of future generations who are not in the grips of trauma response, who are in fact deeply connected and thriving. 

In this episode of the Raise 1000 Voices podcast, the wonderful Nichole Hamilton shares the positive impact of holding space and empowering children, whom she refers to as “little humans.”

Nichole’s work is focused on the little humans in our world, and in this she teaches parents how to self-regulate, hold space for their little humans and step into the best role model they can be – even when they didn’t have one themselves. 

She firmly believes our little humans are capable of achieving anything they want to if they are given the right love and support. And that when parents realise the power of the connection they establish, they don’t hesitate to look for better alternatives for enriching the life – and the future life – of their children.


  • Nichole’s journey to becoming a Kidz Coach (01:47)
  • How to unfold a powerful connection between parents and children (04:22)
  • The changes that arise when we treat kids as little humans (06:20)
  • Navigating through the shame, guilt, and judgment (08:35)
  • How to shift forward and embrace the inner critic (12:29)
  • The tragic effects of a child’s disengagement (15:20)
  • The 4-step modality allows a child to make choices and give permission (17:25)
  • A little human that made a significant impact on Nichole (20:30)
  • How to help parents cope with their child’s behaviour (24:17)
  • Who inspires Nichole? (28:42)
  • What is she hopeful for? (29:50)
  • One characteristic of young Nichole that is still present today (31:45)
  • Achievements worth celebrating in five years’ time (32:45)
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“Children can achieve anything that they want to with the right love and support.” -Nichole Hamilton

“Treating our children as little humans gives them the safety to be able to express themselves and not hide things.” -Nichole Hamilton

“If you’re not connecting then you don’t know who your inner community or circle is. And you can’t make a sustainable impact.” -Jacqueline Nagle


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I’m Nichole, a Clinical Hypnotherapist who specializes in coaching kids of all ranges, including children on the spectrum.

I am raw, real, honest and vulnerable. My mission is to help change the way we raise our children, by providing a safe space for all their emotions / feelings by helping them learn and navigate safe ways of expression.

I have a wife and 3 children, one child on the spectrum. I love fitness, ice baths, breathwork and learning more about healing.

I am passionate about helping others and paying forward my learnings and healings to help others like me.

Let’s get real here and explain how I actually became a holistic healer and a coach. 11 years ago, my life was a shambles and I was addicted to ice. I had depression and anxiety and none of the medical systems worked for me. I had tried doctors, counselors’, psychologists and medication. Fortunately, this led me to hypnotherapy and unconscious healing. I’m now sober happy, healthy and haven’t looked back.

In the 10 years since, I haven’t stopped learning or healing. I started using play-based games, using all the holistic techniques with children including my own and had amazing results. Thus leading me to today.

I have my Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Masters in NLP, Time LineTherapy, Master in Reiki energy healing and Seichem, Mediation facilitation and holistic counselling..

I have my educational qualifications in Fitness, Youth Work and Disabilities and Training.

💫 I coach children aged between 2-18 with many modalities
💫 I am a mentor for teens
💫 I run therapy sessions for children and parents
💜 I am a motivational speaker at educational centers
💜 I run retreats and workshops for mothers and women
💛 I teach families how to communicate and connect in harmony

And run a business with a team of support workers for families with disabilities funded through NDIS.


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