January 30, 2023

013: Compassion, Grace & Mastering our Inner Life with Claudia Chan

Claudia Chan, an empowerment powerhouse, discusses inner transformation and compassion on Raise 1000 Voices podcast

Our Inner Life

Claudia Chan is a powerhouse in the empowerment of women in leadership – having founded the wildly successful, award winning S.H.E Summit in New York 10 years ago before writing the acclaimed book ‘Together We Rise’.  

She has an innate drive to break people out of the constraints of living a life in the shadows of others’ pressures and expectations – something which had become the norm for most, especially women, before she launched her revolutionary work and perspective through S.H.E Summits.  

Claudia’s work has made a difference.  Creating and curating multi-7-figure deals for herself, helping women accelerate their rise to the top no matter their endeavour – Claudia has helped 1,000’s of women to achieve whatever they want.  

And yet she realised the ‘outer work’ is not enough.  That she needed to evolve her work into the whole of the person standing in front of her, and in this episode of the Raise 1000 Voices podcast, Claudia and I explore the expansion of possibility that arises when we practice compassion, grace, and mastery of our inner life. 

In short, Claudia has come to realise her boldest work is helping individuals, leaders, and organisations realise their individual potential to unleash collective potential and transform cultures.

Claudia speaks with the deepest conviction, a total zest for the beauty in being human, and boundless passion; her vocation is unlocking an understanding of the power of embracing self-compassion, being graceful, and having the wisdom of our inner life experiences to guide us into being the most vibrant version of who we were always meant to be. 

And right now she is about to share all of that.  With you.  


  • Journey to entrepreneurship and creating human experiences (02:52)
  • What’s heartbreaking about people not stepping into their boldest vision? (07:09)
  • How do people identify their purpose (11:21)
  • Breaking the barriers in the mental health crisis (16:17)
  • The impact of doing the inner work to becoming a better version of themselves (19:47)
  • The biggest lesson for embracing internal wholeness (22:58)
  • The importance of having self-awareness to improve inner experience (28:27)
  • Claudia’s hope for humanity (43:30)
  • Q&A with Claudia (45:52)
  • Great characteristics she had as a little girl that still exists today (50:15)
  • What’s next for Claudia (52:03)


“There is so much within a human that is unrealised because of external barriers and pressures.” -Claudia Chan

“The brokenness in our society is a result of brokenness in a family.” -Claudia Chan

“Nothing about me is traditional.” -Claudia Chan

“If you look at something a little bit differently, it changes the world.” -Jaqueline Nagle

“God breaks your heart for what breaks yours go there, start there.” -Jaqueline Nagle


Survey to co-create Whole Life Leadership with Claudia
This Is How We Rise: Reach Your Highest Potential, Empower Women, Lead Change in the World
The Last Arrow: Save Nothing for the Next Life
The Power of Intention




Motivational Speaker, Bestselling Author of This Is How We Rise, and creator of the Whole-Life leadership Membership Program 

As a culture change expert and futurist, the creator of the award-winning S.H.E. Summit™, a NY-Times celebrated author of This Is How We Rise, a UN Women Champion of Innovation, and a global leadership speaker, coach and advisor, Claudia Chan (She/Her/Hers) awakens and coaches leaders and Fortune 500 companies to make their highest impact in the workplace and the world.

Through her proven How We Rise curriculum and her passion for solving complex culture problems, Claudia designs powerful and safe learning spaces that pull leaders and organizations toward their highest potential of social, business and talent innovation. Her unique framework helps clients elevate the vision for who they are becoming, identify their highest visions and transform their deepest challenges and differences to create thriving cultures of wellbeing, belonging and performance.

And now after 20 years of leadership innovation work and researching workplaces and family systems, Claudia has realised the key to transforming organisational cultures from the root lies in transforming people and awakening a deeper sense of their purpose and identity, evolving her work to create the Whole-Life Leadership Framework TM – helping people reframe how they lead in health, family, career, workplace and community. 

Claudia is also a believer, wife and mother of two.


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