January 24, 2023

012: A Humanitarian Approach to Creating Cultures of Courage with Sarah Morse

Sarah Morse shares her humanitarian adventures and the importance of fostering cultures of courage in this Raise 1000 Voices episode.

Creating Cultures of Courage

The thread of culture weaves its way through every element of our life; it underpins how we work, how we think, in our relationships, our communities and creates the rules for the social and economic environments within which we all exist.  

Culture, wherever it shows, shapes how we see ourselves, the world, and opportunities.  And unless we are willing to explore and experience the cultural lives of others we remain completely unaware of what happens when more oppressive cultures are allowed to thrive – when freedoms are stripped away, practices dictated, and hope abandoned.  

In this episode of the Raise 1000 Voices podcast Sarah Morse and I weave our way through just some of her global humanitarian adventures, and the formidable foundations it has created as she takes a Humanitarian Approach to creating Cultures of C.O.U.R.A.G.E.

At 16 years of age, Sarah mustered the courage to go to East Germany by herself and this adventure became an initiation to both culture shock and REVERSE culture shock – and ignited a lifetime obsession with just how the human experience is shaped by the culture it is immersed in.  She has led a humanitarian life filled with a desire to discover, explore and experience how others live.

Armed with a wealth of experience, Sarah is compelled to transform corporate Australia. Her devotion to bringing courage to workplace cultures is beyond compare. She believes in the importance of being intentional in establishing great workplace cultures that facilitate a positive impact on personal lives.

Being gifted with extraordinary experiences has given Sarah an opportunity to look at life through a different lens, challenge conventional thinking, and have the courage to make a difference.


  • A profound moment that started her obsession with cultures (02:05)
  • The impact of travelling the world and exploring cultures (08:15)
  • How did she combat reverse culture shock at 17 (12:35)
  • Extraordinary experiences as a World Vision Youth Ambassador for Australia (14:30)
  • Distinct humanitarian ventures that allowed her to learn something new (20:20)
  • Understanding other’s mindsets by working for an orphanage (23:25)
  • The ramifications of the pandemic on workplace culture (30:01)
  • The C.O.U.R.A.G.E to achieve a better workplace culture (34:20)
  • Sarah’s superpower in speaking about courage (42:15)


“I choose to be a voice for the voiceless. And I choose to stand up for the poor. Because they are the people who need their voices heard.” -Sarah Morse

“Every time I encounter a new culture, I learn something new and feel that I take more away than what I can give.” -Sarah Morse

“When people can’t think for themselves, they don’t make choices for themselves.” -Sarah Morse

“Embracing a free way of life depicts an extreme act of courage.” -Jacqueline Nagle


World Vision




Sarah’s twenty years as a nurse and humanitarian have taken her around the globe, giving her a uniquely human perspective to the way we think, work and behave. 

Specialising in cancer services and palliative care, and having worked with some of the world’s poorest people, Sarah is known for her deep commitment to nursing the human spirit. If there’s one thing Sarah knows, it’s people.

Through her personal experience of burnout, Sarah believes that empowering people to thrive in the workplace is pivotal to a healthy workforce.

From an orphanage in Romania, to a rubbish dump in Ecuador, to a hospital in Zambia and most recently a safe house for survivors of human trafficking in Spain, Sarah has seen the power of human connection to literally save lives.

As well as being a mum of two girls and a sought-after international keynote speaker, Sarah is the Founder and Director of Unchained Solutions, a social enterprise inspiring Australians to make an impact on modern slavery. With a 100% virtual team, Sarah understands the challenges of cultivating a culture of COURAGE in a hybrid environment.

Sarah’s dedication to nursing the human spirit has landed her awards such as the (NSW) Young Australian of the Year, the Women’s Economic Forum Woman of Excellence, Ausmumprenuer “Women Will Change the World”, and a scholarship from Professional Speakers Australia.

Ten per cent of all her speaking fees go to anti-slavery projects.


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