January 9, 2023

010: Powerful Insights From Previous Episodes and What to Expect Moving Forward

In 2023, Raise 1000 Voices podcast continues to feature remarkable women sharing powerful stories with courage and purpose.

Powerful Isights from previous episodes

As we begin the adventures a new year brings, we have also been mapping out future plans for Raise 1000 Voices – giving us the space to go over and reflect on the powerful stories shared by incredible women and the remarkable insights and learnings we were gifted from each and every one of them. 

We launched the podcast completely aware that I don’t have a huge social media following – and I am pretty well famous only inside my own lunch box!   I chose to start anyway, knowing my world is full of phenomenal women with rich histories and perspectives who could bring something to the table for you – the listeners. 

This 2023, Raise 1000 Voices podcast is bringing more incredible women who are shining with courage, cleverness, and creativity. They are prepared to speak their truth and share their stories and all do so from a place of incredible service. 

Join me as we co-create a collective north star of sharing deep and powerful storytelling and doing it with purpose – and as we reveal what we must go after next to be able to raise our voices with strength, power and grace. 


  • Realisations from previous episodes and what to expect with new the ones (01:10)
  • Feedback from women on the first few episodes (02:45)
  • Why it’s important to never stop being intentional (04:40)
  • The impact of deep and powerful storytelling (05:33)
  • Exploring conversations deeper via solo episodes (08:00)
  • The significance of raising our voices (10:50)


“We teach what we most need to learn.” -Richard Bach

“Everywhere we look in the world right now, we can find evidence to validate fear expressed by our inner critic.” -Jacqueline Nagle

“Feel the fear and do it anyway is no longer an appropriate strategy.” -Jacqueline Nagle


Me Too. Movement

Raise 1000 Voice Episodes:

001: The Cost of Diminishment with Erika Cramer

002: The Power of Being Interesting with Maz Farrelly

003: The Generational Impact When Women Don’t Lead with Karolina Gunsser

004: Understanding The Power of One and How It Creates Ripples of Change with Rabia Siddique

005: The Fight to Eradicate Period Poverty with Rochelle Courtenay

006: The Power of Compelling Story Telling with Zara Love

007: Claim Your True Purpose By Acknowledging Who You Truly Are with Julie Cross

008: Liberating the Inner Author – and Sharing PHENOMENAL Stories with Dr. Angela Lauria

009: Why You MUST Become A New AND Better Version Of Yourself with Stacey Currie


A Fifth Generation Entrepreneur with a fiercely strategic brain, Jacqueline Nagle’s diverse career criss-crosses professional services, member based organisations, mining services, civil construction, manufacturing, and industrial relations.  With experience from the trenches of start-up to the C-Suite, Jacqueline’s strength is anchored in teaching others how to reposition themselves through the power of language.  

Jacqueline personally gave her all to foster the personal and professional development in what was (at the time) the fastest growing business women’s network in Regional Australia, and is a regular podcast guest and network presenter on the subject of communication and story-telling.  She has personally coached and trained 100’s of women in Australia and the USA to step into their power through speaking with strength, power and grace, and grown female consultants from $0 start to multi-million dollar portfolios within twelve months. 

A recognised expert on Resilience, Jacqueline has worked as trusted advisor to executives in some of our largest organisations, and with the founders of dynamic rapid growth entrepreneurial pursuits to strengthen strategy, positioning, strategic sales and communications. Her training has been delivered to some of Australia’s major corporate brands including Tattersalls (The Lott, quadrupling their sales conversion rate) and Anglicare, her programs have been picked up by the Australian Institute of Sport Gold Olympic Medal Alumni Learning & Development Program in Canberra as core curriculum where she trains Gold Medal Olympians in the art of story-telling and speaking, and she holds the global designation of Certified Speaking Professional*.



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