First Level Launch
First Level Launch
The Only Online Course for Emerging Speakers that Creates a Clear, Simple Plan to Launch -
or Reignite - a Successful, Sustainable,
Speaking Driven Business
Prepare to Launch  >  Find the Stages  > Grow Your Business
The Number One Question we are asked is:

How do I Get The Gigs AND Get Paid?
What we know you are experiencing when you ask those questions is:

  • You have no idea how to get the stages and 'gigs' you want
  • You are struggling to get quality connections and leads
  • You are getting stages - but with the wrong audiences
  • You are not getting paid - or not getting paid well enough
  • You are losing business to 'noisier idiots' who are NOT as good
  • You have flashes of brilliance but have yet to achieve consistent results
  • You are told your content is great - but you are not generating cash 
  • Your pitch is not getting attention - in fact you get ghosted. A lot. 
  • You are doing all 'the things' with little or nothing to show for it
If you have experienced any of this, then this course will help you
create the positioning and launch strategy you need to become a paid speaker
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First Level Launch
Is an on-demand course and comprehensive guide for Subject Matter Experts, Aspiring & Emerging Speakers, Charity Founders & Movement Accelerators - and Professional Speakers committed to Repositioning

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LOVE for First Level Launch
" I am learning things that no other program has ever covered "
Pamela Wigglesworth CSP,  Singapore
" As a professional speaker in the business for over 20 years, I make it a point to invest in my continuous learning within the speaking industry.  Over the years I've participated in other speaker academies or similar learning opportunities.  Recently I began the First Level Launch online programme, created and conducted by Jacqueline Nagel. In all my years in the business,  I have never seen a programme as in-depth as First Level Launch.  This programme is jam-packed with lessons, videos, template, how-to-guides and more. I’ve only scratched the surface of the massive amounts of content that is included. I am learning things that no other programme has ever covered.  In fact, don’t let the title of this programme fool you. Anyone who partakes in this programme is walking away with an MBA for Professional Speakers.  Any person looking to get into the speaking business, I highly recommend you invest in First Level Launch. "
" This course is
exactly what I needed!! "
I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for the First Level Launch program. The information in this online course is exactly what I needed as an emerging keynote speaker to accelerate my growth as a speaker, and allow me to shine.  Your videos feel like you are talking to me personally, and they have been answering all the questions in my mind.  It is professional, comprehensive, and I would highly recommend!
Heidi Horne
Mindset & Happiness Expert, Sydney
" I now know how to
direct, amplify & support Julie "
Before starting the First Level Launch I was lost with how to support Julie Gillespie as a speaker. Her role was to get the speech written, mine was to somehow work out the rest. First Level Launch means I now know how to direct, support, and amplify Julie as a keynote speaker. The content is all on point, it's simple to digest, easy to follow, and goes through everything you need to know. Thank you for creating such an amazing and practical program! 
Emma Schneider
EA to Julie Gillespie, Brisbane
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And ONE easy to follow & implement 13 Week Launch Plan to Simplify the Process
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The Bonuses!
  • Speaker Pricing Guide – know how much you should be asking for, and what the market will expect for that
  • The Ultimate Pitch Masterclass - straight from our work with Start Up Incubators and Pitch Comps 
  • Canva Templates for all your One Sheets
  • Speaker Agreement Templates for you to adapt and review
  • Podcast Pitching Scripts – get yourself booked on podcasts and grow your reach, audience and profile 
 The Modules
  • Create Your First Level Launch Plan

  • Create Compelling Collateral 

  • Amplify and Magnetise Your Profile

  • Self Marketing Mastery 

  • Find and GET the Stages 

  • Seamless Sales Strategies

  •  Delivering a 'Great Gig'

  • The Complete Eco System 

  • Additional Resources
Meet Your Guide

I'm Jacqueline Nagle CSP, a Certified Speaking Professional with 22 years experience speaking as both a Subject Matter Expert and a Professional Speaker.  For 20 years I have taught my own teams, and clients across Australia, New Zealand and the USA how to find their own unique voice and story, and use it to craft a powerful signature speaking piece which means they are seen, heard, remembered and paid.

I am also a Fifth Generation Entrepreneur with a fiercely strategic brain, and a diverse career which criss-crosses professional services, mining services, civil construction, manufacturing, industrial relations and professional speaking. An experienced Keynote Speaker, I have also delivered more than 180 workshops across 15 topics, almost all using my own intellectual property.  This, together with driving more than $30 million dollars personally in sales and responsible for training teams to bring in $100's of millions in sales, I bring a different, commercially oriented perspective to the table in everything I do with my clients.

The strategies in First Level launch are exactly the ones I teach my Private Clients - and their teams! - when launching, re-launching and fine-tuning their professional speaking careers and speaking driven businesses for the last seven years with proven, repeatable results

I am deeply passionate about the power of language and the incredible impact our stories - and our expertise shared through stories - can have on the world; wisdom and stories that need to be shared, and instilling the confidence and skills in those who dare to share their insights for the benefit and inspiration of others. I know that if you don't understand how to get the stages you want, when you want them, and be paid for it - that your speaking dreams will slowly disintegrate.

Which is why First Level Launch, the most comprehensive Launch Plan you will ever see, has been created for you.

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Are you ready to transform your Speaking Driven Business?
All you have to do is...

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From Speaking for Free to Paid Expert & Speaker
I was looking to bring to life my knowledge and expertise through a Keynote but unsure where to start. I’d been speaking for years, had plenty of experience but didn’t have the skill to take it to the next level. Enter Jacqueline. She helped get my ideas, thoughts and experience out on paper and into a Keynote. Since meeting her I’ve featured in The Australian Newspaper twice, been a panellist on Sky News and landed a Paid Keynote at an upcoming conference.
Heidi Schwegler, Speaker
Award Winning Financial Planner
Melbourne, Australia

From Nurse to Paid Corporate Professional Speaker
While I have been speaking on small stages for twenty years, I didn’t know how to take my speaking to the next level. Jacqueline taught me how to get cut through as a professional speaker and took me from a small niche market to a strong brand and powerful message, which is reaching a much wider corporate audience. She also helped me grow my speaker business to be competitive in the market. Jacqueline helped me to bring ALL of myself to the stage and to be fearlessly authentic, for which I am deeply grateful.
Sarah Morse, Professional Speaker
Sydney, Australia

Generated Six Figures from Stage and Landed a Paid Keynote
I heard Jacqueline speak and realised as much as I loved speaking I had never generated results or work out of it.  I attended her 3 day workshop and the first time I delivered my new speech to an audience of more than 100 entrepreneurs I sold more than six figures in coaching services AND landed a paid speaking gig on Hamilton Island with all expenses paid for my family and I - without a single pitch.  "Jacqueline is literally the Midwife of Keynotes"
Kate Osborne, Speaker & Coach
Gold Coast, Australia

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