Find out what we’re doing and where we’ll be next – because nothing beats doing things together!


Find out what we’re doing and where we’ll be next – because nothing beats doing things together!


Live Events? They may well be our first love!  And we do a lot of them – not just our own programs with our own clients, but things for other people in other places. We send Jacqueline out to speak and teach on all things speaking, pitching, and confidence, and we run our own amazing events for you to be part of!

AGT Charity Lunch

Paid Speaking Breakthrough Masterclass

Free Virtual Masterclass

Masterclass for experts, entrepreneurs, and advisors outlining the 7 simple steps to become a sought-after paid speaker.

The Paid Speaking Breakthrough Masterclass, is for you if:
* You want to use SPEAKING to position your expertise
* You want to get the RIGHT stages to reach the right audiences,
* You want to LEVERAGE speaking engagements beyond the stage, and<
* You want to increase your REVENUE, PROFILE and AUDIENCE through speaker driven strategies

DATE: March 27, 2024

AGT Charity Lunch

The Self-Permission Method: Exclusive Book Launch

Lunch & Fireside Chat with the Author

Although self-discipline is culturally celebrated as best practice for high performers, it is the worst kind of motivation. The Self-Permission Method moves away from this harsh, critical, abusive self-discipline, and is the next frontier in the evolution of human consciousness. The thinking that has once been seen as best practice for ambitious humans to get the most out of themselves is now out of date and in need of a radical overhaul

Limited tickets available for an intimate and exclusive lunch event with author Jaemin Frazer. Event includes your own, personally signed copy of ‘The Self Permission Method”, Hosted Fireside Style Conversation and Q&A with the Author and a beautiful Vietnamese share style lunch.

DATE: March 27, 2024

AGT Charity Lunch

Unlock the Power of Persuasion

Exclusive Speaker Coaching Clinic with Carmine Gallo

Imagine Shark Tank meets TED Talks. This exclusive speaker coaching event with Carmine Gallo is a live, interactive coaching clinic designed for those ready to elevate their speaking prowess to legendary status. Eight emerging speakers will brave the stage, delivering their 18 Minute Messages to the world.  But the true value?  Watching Carmine dissect, diagnose, and deliver 8 x 20 Minute Masterclasses of Instant, live coaching turning potential into prowess.

DATE: April 18, 2024

AGT Charity Lunch

WiRE Fast-Track Program ‘Get Ready to Fundraise Series’

Masterclass 2: Perfecting Your Pitch

Drawing on extensive experience in pitching, deal-making, industrial relations negotiation and an ASX Exit, Jacqueline’s simple and powerful structures empower any founder, at any stage, to be pitch fit – and to go after and get exactly what they want. Participants will discover:

  1. The 7 key elements of a Pitch
  2. The power of the Pitch Triangle
  3. Their Fit For Purpose Pitch Level
  4. The single most powerful key to getting exactly what they want
  5. The hacks to remembering the detail and then delivering flawlessly
  6. How to be ready to answer fast – because every great pitch is rewarded with even better questions

And leave with templates, resources, and swipe files to accelerate their pitch readiness.

DATE: May 8, 2024

Sorry We Missed You!

These Events are Done & Dusted & On Our Socials : )

AGT Charity Lunch

Live Learn Survive’s ‘Creating Little Superheroes’

Launch Event & Charity Evening

Live Learn Survive is a charity on a mission to teach children life skills to survive their worst day.

Only 9% of 10-year-old children know a rescue skill and in the of 5 – 14-year-olds age group 71% of drownings are boys. By teaching kids’ life skills, they become confident, empowered and know what to do in an emergency. Through books and education programs Live Learn Survive help kids unleash their inner superhero.

* Fireside Chat with Jacqueline Nagle (Founder, Any Given Tuesday) and Trent Maxwell and Leigh Mason (Founders Live Learn Survive)
* Creating Little Superheroes Keynote Speech by Leigh Mason
* Support a BOLD fundraising drive in the room, on the day

DATE: February 29, 2024

AGT Charity Lunch

TEDx Burleigh Heads

Presents Humans for Humans

TEDx Burleigh Heads is bringing together a diverse group of speakers who will inspire, challenge, and ignite your curiosity that celebrates the power of human connection and collaboration. Be prepared to dive into a range of thought-provoking topics, from technology and innovation to personal growth and social impact.

Jacqueline Nagle CSP is a TEDx Coach at TEDx Burleigh Heads, and Any Given Tuesday is proud to sponsor this event.

DATE: February 17, 2024

AGT Charity Lunch

WiRE ‘Fast-forward Your Entrepreneurial Journey’ Masterclass Series’

Masterclass 2: Capturing Your Business Story of Origin

At the intersection of inspiration and tactical marketing strategy sit the stories of your business. In ‘Your Business Story of Origin’ participants become familiar with the 5 Key Story Types used to create connection, establish credibility, and cement a firm place in the minds of future audiences, customers and clients before deep diving the process to unlock the power of their Business Story of Origin and understanding how to use it to create magnetic touchpoints which communicate why this business exists, set the cultural tone, speak into the problem you solve, showcase the solution you provide snd establish what we call ‘trustability’. All without having to ‘yell it from the rooftops’.

DATE: November 15, 2023

AGT Charity Lunch

Any Giving Tuesday Charity Lunch

Raising Money for The Forgotten Women Project

Join us for our 2nd Annual Charity Lunch in support of The Forgotten Women Project, a grassroots housing initiative supporting vulnerable women over 55 experiencing homelessness. Last year, we raised $15,000 for A Brave Life – this year we are more ambitious. Join us for a fireside chat with the CEO of The Forgotten Women Project, Keynote presentation by Maz Farrelly (Content Creator, Consultant & Award-Winning TV Producer – Big Brother, Farmer Wants A Wife and MORE!), 2 course meal, 3 hour drink package, entertainment and $35K+ in prizes and Auction items.

DATE: October 17, 2023

The Ultimate Pitch Workshop

Discover how to get what you want

FREE WORKSHOP hosted by Innovate Moreton Bay and made possible by City of Moreton Bay Council. Do you ever wish you could just get what you want? Does walking into a networking room fill you with nerves? Do you wish just once you could pitch well enough to close deals fast? Here is a very simple, inarguable truth…to get whatever you want you must get GREAT at pitching! Which is exactly what we will share at the Ultimate Pitch Workshop!

DATE: October 18, 2023

Innovate Moreton Bay Sustainability Demo Day

Demo Day Prep Workshop

Before the Demo Day, finalists attended a transformative pre-event workshop on September 14th. Hosted by world-class trainer Jacqueline Nagle of Any Given Tuesday, the workshop refined participants’ pitching, storytelling, speaking, positioning, business analysis, and strategy skills.

Venue: Caboolture Hub

DATE: 14th September | 9am – 1pm