When our programs don’t work with your calendar this is the perfect place for you to access everything you need to improve your speak-ability


When our programs don’t work with your calendar this is the perfect place for you to access everything you need to improve your speak-ability


Level up your Speaking Game in your own time – learning directly from Jacqueline, the Founder of Any Given Tuesday and Certified Speaking Professional. Our courses grant you access to practical frameworks and unique insights from teaching people to speak, pitch, sell and negotiate for more than 20 years. You choose what – and when – to do it.


75 Training Videos, 45 Worksheets Templates & Checklists, 9 Content Rich Modules, 5 Guest Expert Masterclasses, 1 Minimum Viable Launch Plan

First Level Launch

Get the Gigs AND Get Paid

“I am learning things no other program has covered” Pamela Wigglesworth, CSP, Singapore.

The number one question we get asked is how do I get the gigs and get paid? Which is why we have sat down and mapped the exact steps we have used with hundreds of clients for 7 years to create a comprehensive guide for Subject Matter Experts, Aspiring and Emerging Speakers, Charity Founders and Movement Accelerators. First Level Launch is the only on-demand course that shows you EXACTLY HOW TO Launch – or Reignite – a Successful, Sustainable, Speaking Driven Business

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49 Training Videos, 12 Modules, 107 page all inclusive workbook, Bonuses & the pathway to creating your most powerful spoken content

The Jacqueline T Method™

Ignite Your Speaking Journey

The Jacqueline T. Method™ is the proven methodology unlocking the power of spoken word content for entrepreneurs, experts and difference makers. In this powerful self-paced program Jacqueline deconstructs and codifies the most powerful speaking formats in the world, sharing and embedding the frameworks, insights and skills you need to magnetise your message, break through the noise, and captivate your audiences – moving them from where they are now, to where you want them to be, to where they never expected to be.

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Compelling Masterclass, Templates, Swipe Files, and Bonuses

Everyday Pitching

Ignite your ability to get what you want

Both the harshest and greatest lesson in the lives of the entrepreneur, the expert and the difference makers is that the Deal is never won on the day. In this intensive masterclass Jacqueline unlocks the secrets behind (personally) securing in excess of $30,000,000 in revenue in her career, and helping her clients to secure $100’s millions more. Simple and practical, Everyday Pitching delivers the same strategies used to 4X conversion (and seven figure revenue) for one of Australia’s largest corporates, and creates compelling pitch success for entrepreneurs in the start-up and innovation ecosystem.

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9 Powerful Exercises, Videos, workbooks, and inspirational quotes which can worked on in sequence – or as you need

The Reclaimer

Take back the power of your inner voice

The power of our external voice – how we speak up and speak out in the world – will never outstrip the grip of our inner voice, often our inner critic. Which is why we’ve decided to break out ALL the exercises we use with our private clients so that you can learn to dance with the inner critic and fall back in love with your inner voice. From simple bio-hacks to powerful neuroscience based exercises, The Reclaimer gifts the permission you’ve been seeking to find your voice and cut through (your own internal) noise.