This is a place for female entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, advisors and experts who know their next level of success requires them to be more visible, to become the trusted voice across all stages and platforms – who is willing to invest in the skills of persuasion and influence to create powerful messaging which cements her expert positioning and drives the next level of business growth. 

We work with female entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, advisors and experts to use speaking to create positions of influence across stages and platforms – with a particular emphasis on creating commercial success. And we don’t leave this to chance; we have proven models and frameworks, anchored in our core pillars of success –
 Crystalise, Create and Engage.

We work intensively with you in our first 3 months to crystalise your Spoken Brand – your identity, your boldest idea, and your platform breaking message – before creating your signature speaking piece. A keynote, an expert presentation, a Ted Talk, even a Pitch. Then in our next 3 months we share, coach, guide and advise you on how to find your next best stages and platforms - and start delivering.

Before sitting down with one of our Breakthrough Specialists in Month 7 to review everything you’ve learnt, realized, and gained to map your best plan for sustainable success

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7 Month Program - Next Intake April 2023
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It's done. It's dusted. AND I NAILED IT!!!
"There is so much I want to say.  Firstly it's (Keynote to 300 in Auckland) done.  It's dusted.  I nailed it.  I was able to make them laugh.  I was able to keep them captivated.  I ran right on time and I rocked it.  I had people almost chase me down to ask me more, find out more, and so I know the message got cut through.  I took your suggestion around the Do Nothing approach and reframed my engine room - and that was just a GOLD reframe.

It would not have been half the presentation if I hadn't trusted the process.  Your expertise.  You are a goddess my friend.  I wish I had spoken to you 15 years ago when I was actually doing health and safety!  Thank you so much!"

Olivia Ryan, Brisbane
Pitch Preparation - it was Invaluable!
I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for your workshops/sessions - the very speedy (pitch preparation) workshop and learnings of the mechanics of a ‘Pitch Deck’ was invaluable for me to get what I needed to then create my presentation and pitch.

I am so very very very excited to be provided with the prize of a year membership to the QLD AI Hub, which will allow me to be hang out with the QLD AI Hub team and connect to their networks for the next stage of my professional learnings!   
All the best and thank you again!
Pia Robinson
Participant Creative Industries Demo Day
and Founder, The Culture Crusader

Join us in The Cohort

7 Month Program - Next Intake April 2023
Book your 20 Minute Speaking Breakthrough Session with one of our Specialists

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The FAQ's
When do I start?
Cohort Members will all start together. The next intake starts April 2023.  Registrations in March receive early access to The Cohort Portal and the powerful Micro Trainings.
How long is my Membership for? 
Your Membership is for 7 Months from the start of the intake.  You will have full access to all materials and programs for the full term of your membership
Why 7 Months to start? 
In the first 90 Days we will focus on crystalising and creating your signature speaking piece, setting the foundations and shaping your stories. The next 90  Days is your First Level Launch, getting you on stages and building the muscle.  Then in month 7 we see where you are at and what the next best steps are for you and create a plan to get you there.
What happens after the 7 Months?
We'd love to have you stay!  But we know that is up to us and hitting the mark with what you want and need.  So after the first 7 months you can choose to stay on as an Alumni at a low monthly fee.
What is the session schedule like? 
This 7 Month program is a mix of weekly live-online coaching calls with Jacqueline, self-paced online learning, as well as community and connection.
Month 1-3 - Your first 90days will be weekly live-online training (delivered via Zoom)
Month 4-6 - Your next 90days will be self-paced online learning and weekly live-online coaching sessions (delivered via Zoom)
And in Month 7 we will meet with you individually to get clear on your path forward to sustainable success
BONUS - Live Monthly Mindset & Confidence Sessions, Ask Me Anything Sessions and Hotseat Sessions
Can I use this for more than just Speaking? 
YES!  The Cohort is all about co-creating lifelong skills in Influence; the skills you learn will enrich your life and enable you to grow your business, create a movement, deliver a TED Talk, be paid as a Keynote Speaker and become an in-demand podcast guest 
What if I can't attend a session? 
This is exactly why we have invested in one of the best coaching and training platforms on the planet; it will be recorded and all materials will be loaded for you to access whenever you want.  Remembering live is ALWAYS best. You are also able to reach out in the community with any questions.
How are the trainings delivered?
Videos (in bite size pieces), audios (to listen on the move), transcripts, workbooks/worksheets, cheat sheets, and resources - all loaded up into the Portal for you to access
How much time will I really need? 
Absolutely none.  Just kidding!  More seriously, as little or as much as you want, but we know at least 2-3 hours every week, consistently, will realise improvements.  

Join us in The Cohort

7 Month Program - Next Intake April 2023
Book your 20 Minute Speaking Breakthrough Session with one of our Specialists

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"To excel in our hyper-connected world, how and what we present must be consistently on brand and on message. Throughout her speaking workshop Jacqueline Nagle offers unique training and coaching which goes far beyond public speaking or presentation skills. Her holistic approach teaches how to hit the mark with each and every delivery. Having participated in this training, I feel well equipped to respond to any invitation to speak, write or comment in my fields of expertise."
Ann-Marie David. CEO, Queensland College of Law, Legal Educator
"Jacqueline’s online workshop delivery (Speaking Intensives) exceeded my expectations.  She truly is a masterful facilitator.  It was just as good as being in the room live, her ability to draw me in and engage her entire audience through the screen was awesome.  Her energy, passion, immersive content and attention to detail had me on the edge of my seat the whole time!  Thanks for going the extra mile to ensure we all got it!"
Natalie Cook OLY, Gold Medal Olympian, Executive Director, Elite Success & Partnerships, Qld Academy of Sport

Host & Lead Facilitator - The Cohort

Holding the global designation of Certified Speaking Professional, qualified Executive and Business Coach, Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, and an Advanced Hypnotherapist, Jacqueline brings her unique lens on navigating relentless change, opportunity and crisis to her work as a speaker, educator and trusted advisor from the start up trenches to the global C-Suite across Australia and the USA.  Her strength is anchored in teaching others how to reposition themselves through the power of language.

A career dependant on the demonstrated ability to navigate the challenges of rapid growth and high impact events, Jacqueline has driven 6, 7 and multiple 8 figure growth several times over.  In the early 2000’s she reimagined a family-owned business in Regional Queensland, drove growth from $4.2M to $22.4M in 15 months, selling that business to an ASX Co, delivering the 3-year projected net profit (and return on investment) in 10 months post acquisition.   Jacqueline’s exceptional negotiation skills also underpinned her 100% success rate developing, negotiating and implementing 27 Enterprise Agreements for Tier 3 and Tier 4 rapid growth businesses in the Mining Services, Manufacturing and Trades sectors.
A recognised expert in resilience, a passionate advocate for women and creating sustainable equality, the project she is proudest of is securing well paid work for unskilled women – getting them off welfare payments and breaking generational cycles – a program which was rolled out nationally by her client.  Jacqueline personally gave her all to foster the personal and professional development in what was (at the time) the fastest growing business women’s network in Regional Australia, and is a regular podcast guest and network presenter on the subject of communication and story-telling.  She has personally coached and trained 100’s of women in Australia and the USA to step into their power through speaking with strength, power and grace, and helped predominantly female consultants build from a $0 start to multi-million dollar portfolios within twelve months.

Jacqueline has appeared in media more than 3,000 times, spoken on global stages, delivered keynotes for organisations including Marie Claire (Australia) Magazine, and delivered more than 180 workshops.  She has worked as trusted advisor to executives in some of our largest organisations, and with the founders of dynamic rapid growth entrepreneurial pursuits to strengthen strategy, positioning, strategic sales and communications. Her training has been delivered to some of Australia’s major corporate brands including Tattersalls (The Lott, quadrupling their sales conversion rate) and Anglicare, her programs have been picked up by the Australian Institute of Sport Gold Olympic Medal Alumni Learning & Development Program in Canberra.

*Certified Speaking Professional is a global designation based on stringent criteria and held by only 13% of professional speakers in the world
“Jacqueline has been 100% instrumental in showing me my potential in speaking. When I came to her workshop I could barely address the room without choking up. Since the workshop & the wonders that Jacqueline has worked with me, I’ve project managed some of Qld’s significant infrastructure projects, been a panelist several times for industry gatherings & given interviews to industry specialists without hyperventilating or spiralling with nerves. Jacqueline definitely paved the way for me to speak more confidently.”
Sher Mitchell. Archaeologist, Cultural Heritage Consultant & Director at Advance Archaeology
"I had the pleasure to sit down with Jacqueline for one hour, and she completely opened my mind and elevated my talk beyond what I could have expected. She was kind, patient and professional. Her way of crafting phrases and building a story are amazing! She is the most talented speakers coach I have ever encountered. If you are looking to elevate your keynote, your pitch or TedTalk... Jacqueline is your person." 
Heidi Arndt, USA, Chief Operating Officer at Ascension Dental

Join us in The Cohort

7 Month Program - Next Intake April 2023
Book your 20 Minute Speaking Breakthrough Session with one of our Specialists

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"I was looking to bring to life my knowledge and expertise through a Keynote but I was unsure where to start. I’d been speaking for years, had plenty of experience but didn’t have the skill to take it to the next level. Enter Jacqueline. She helped get my ideas, thoughts and experience out on paper and into a Keynote. Since meeting her I’ve featured in The Australian Newspaper twice, been a panellist on Sky News and landed a Keynote at an upcoming conference. I would highly recommend Jacqueline!"
Heidi Schwegler, Australia, Keynote Speaker, Award-Winning Financial Planner
"I co-own a 7 figure agency, and I started working with Jacqueline because I intuitively felt it was what I needed to get to the next level as an entrepreneur. Her three day Intensive was truly life changing. Jacqueline is brilliant at tapping into your genius and helping you express it in a way that you can't even imagine. The power she has given me in being able to tell my story and have a true impact on the world has changed my life. I can;t say enough good things, I have no idea how she does it but I am so grateful."
Margy Feldhuhn, USA, Co-Founder and Podcaster, Interview Connections
"As the founder of the first and leading podcast booking agency, I have worked with hundreds of speakers over the years who use podcast guesting to get their message heard. After attending Jacqueline's Speaking Intensive, I now want every single one of my past, current and future clients to attend her training! She has a gift for seeing the unique gift inside everyone's voice and showing them how to share it authentically."
Jessica Rhodes, Founder, Interview Connections, USA. The First & Leading Podcast Guest Booking Agency
“Thank you Jacqueline for the best speaker training workshop I have ever attended.  You exceeded my expectations.  Your attention to detail was amazing, your guidance and support has been incredible and so ‘on the money’.  The Speaking Immersion blew my mind.  I now have so many more tools in my belt. I also loved the way you could instantly relate to everyone’s different industry and guide them on producing outstanding presentations”
Kerri Pottharst OLY OAM, Australia. Keynote Speaker & Story Teller, Olympian, Gold Medallist, High Performance Coach

"I am forever changed at a cellular level. I'll be writing and sharing about that as I allow myself to sit with all of the love and brilliance I received and witnessed. The healing of a damaged sisterhood has begun. Grateful for you doesn't begin to cover it."

Susan K Wyatt
Author, Musician, Advocate for Healing the Damaged Sisterhood
Los Angeles, California

"Your gift Jacqueline is almost beyond description. You are able to see the unique gift another has to share with the world. I will be forever appreciative of your ability to clarify my big message and encourage me to be the rockstar."

Dr Jill Wade
Revolutionary Dentist, Speaker, Podcast Host, driving new frontiers in health
Dallas, Texas

"Filled with immense gratitude for having had the opportunity to spend the last 3 days with you and such magnificent women. Wow!!! What a gift with strategy and words...thank you for sharing it all with us!"

Michelle Bosch
CFO, Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur, Speaker
Phoenix, Arizona

"I've been in the industry for almost 20 years and have never come close to experiencing the brilliance Jacqueline brings to her speaker training! She has immense knowledge and deep insight that allows her to tap into the best of each individual she coaches."

Elle Zimmerman
CEO and Executive Producer of Curtis Zimmerman Group
Cincinnati, Ohio
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