Building Out Success


Easily the most common and frustrating question I get challenged with once building my success is, “How long have you been training speakers?”. Well, the simplest and maybe less politically-correct answer would be – my whole f^cking career! But the difference with me is, I didn’t - Read More

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The Truth About Impact


One of the projects I am most proud of in my life happened almost by accident.  As the General Manager of a Recruitment Firm in Regional Australia we were working with clients through the first of this business generations skills shortage in the mining sector, about - Read More

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I don’t think you’re a misfit…I think you may be a Consultant


I am OVER the Covid headlines, the push to leverage the great pivot, and everything that seems to have come with communications and marketing heading out of 2020.  I know the google monsters rank you higher and send you further if your content has the keywords flourishing in - Read More

I don’t think you’re a misfit…I think you may be a Consultant2023-10-10T22:59:03+11:00

Making Powerful Introductions


There is an almost hyper-level of activity surrounding networking, connecting and referrals for building business; it is not a new strategy – but it is one in which the craft of powerful introductions is being lost. I am increasingly working with small and medium business owners - Read More

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When a Question Becomes Irrelevant


I am a lover of conversations and ideas which are anchored in rich lived experience, a deep level of expertise, or a way of thinking that forces me to stop and stretch my own perspective.   Last week one of those conversations stayed in my mind for - Read More

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Stop Fighting with Logic


To assume is the most dangerous thing. I keep slipping back into the assumption that for all of us involved in the world of work – whether in our own business or a career – we understand the importance of storytelling. How powerful it is to - Read More

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Unequivocally Yours


In 2010 I fell into an upsell moment during a residential component of my coaching qualifications; having fallen deeply in love with the power of neuro-linguistic-programming and layering this over substantive coaching frameworks, I decided to hand over my credit card and invest $25,000 in a - Read More

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Forget the Lessons for Now


An article written and given to my networks in 2016 - relevant to now x Ever since blurring the worlds of consulting and coaching and watching the growing tide of start-up entrepreneurs hit the scenes, I am constantly surprised and concerned by the increasing drive to - Read More

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The Reality Is


Our world is changing and right now we are all trying to work out how to navigate an ever-changing reality; there is nothing new or settled about it yet, and like many of you I am surprised in each moment both my own range of emotions - Read More

The Reality Is2023-10-10T23:02:41+11:00

Let’s Chat About Speaker Driven Business


I sometimes smile to myself at the irony of what I now do. As a General Manager in my late 20’s, heading into my 30’s, I actually refused to speak – getting up and speaking was exposing myself to the harshest form of judgment I could possibly imagine. - Read More

Let’s Chat About Speaker Driven Business2023-10-10T23:02:55+11:00

Do You Have the Right to Speak to This


In recent weeks I find myself becoming increasingly vocal about what I have come to term – and it is not with affection – directed authenticity. The type of communication – speaking, pitching and presenting – training that says follow me, come with me, and I will make - Read More

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Speaking is the ultimate expression of emotional intelligence


Young, impressionable, and ambitious, when working in recruitment and consulting in 1998 I stumbled on Daniel Goleman’s book Emotional Intelligence and instantly felt he had unlocked the mysteries to building great places of work. I became obsessed, and over the next three years became accredited in as many - Read More

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You Had Me at Hello


I love stories with meaning and message, which are on point to my expectations, which are told in such a way as to wrap me in another world, where pictures and sensations build inside my own mind. Where I feel as though I have literally stopped time - Read More

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Why Being Told ‘You Are Sooo Good’ Is Killing Your Speaking & Business


In literally thousands of conversations in the past 20 years of my career – As CEO, General Manager, Consultant, Confidant, Advisor, sometime Devil’s Advocate and now Mentor – one thing has become startlingly clear as I work more and more closely with smart people who want - Read More

Why Being Told ‘You Are Sooo Good’ Is Killing Your Speaking & Business2023-10-10T23:04:13+11:00
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