13 January 2022

The Dreamer, The Martyr, The Roller Coaster & The Pacesetter

Sometimes unpacking your own thinking shows very clearly where you know you should be playing, and where you are really playing; and whilst we can all rest on the laurels of covid and global pandemic and unprecedented disruption, the truth is how we are showing up in our business – particularly as founding owners –… View Article read more

22 July 2021

Building Out Success

Easily the most common and frustrating question I get challenged with once building my success is, “How long have you been training speakers?”. Well, the simplest and maybe less politically-correct answer would be – my whole f^cking career! But the difference with me is, I didn’t start as a great speaker. In March 2003 I… View Article read more

22 July 2021

The Truth About Impact

One of the projects I am most proud of in my life happened almost by accident.  As the General Manager of a Recruitment Firm in Regional Australia we were working with clients through the first of this business generations skills shortage in the mining sector, about 15 years ago. One particular mining services business had… View Article read more

22 July 2021

Doing Everything You Can, With Everything You Have

3 weeks ago my lens, my perspective on my world, shifted.  I went north to visit my daughter, staying the weekend in Yeppoon – a town I lived in for 15 years where I married, raised my children, built businesses and loved life. What was interesting was not that I went back but a conversation… View Article read more

5 April 2021

When something goes terribly wrong

I don’t think it is any secret to those who know me well, and those just getting to know me, that I like to run at life with full force. I have times where I retreat, to heal, think, strategise, and to get ready for what may come next; the times just before I emerge… View Article read more

12 January 2021

I don’t think you’re a misfit…I think you may be a Consultant

I am OVER the Covid headlines, the push to leverage the great pivot, and everything that seems to have come with communications and marketing heading out of 2020.  I know the google monsters rank you higher and send you further if your content has the keywords flourishing in every chunk, but mother of god – you tell… View Article read more

1 December 2020

Making Powerful Introductions

There is an almost hyper-level of activity surrounding networking, connecting and referrals for building business; it is not a new strategy – but it is one in which the craft of powerful introductions is being lost. I am increasingly working with small and medium business owners – and their business development people – who are… View Article read more

1 November 2020

Social-Vism will not create the change you want. And this is why

For the first time in my life – not just my adult life – I did not watch election results last night in the Queensland state election. Not because I do not care, or am apathetic, but because of one simple truth. We do not choose to change our government when in chaos. When we… View Article read more

26 October 2020

Influence exists at the collision of 5 core elements

As you read this I will be opening Day 3 of a 5 Day training run across 4 states for The Lott – and it’s complete focus is anchored in the ability to influence and persuade. This is stage two of Sales Training delivered six months ago and has been deliberately designed to build the… View Article read more

20 October 2020

When a Question Becomes Irrelevant

I am a lover of conversations and ideas which are anchored in rich lived experience, a deep level of expertise, or a way of thinking that forces me to stop and stretch my own perspective.   Last week one of those conversations stayed in my mind for days, twisting itself inside out under the relentless glare… View Article read more

26 September 2020

Stop Fighting with Logic

To assume is the most dangerous thing. I keep slipping back into the assumption that for all of us involved in the world of work – whether in our own business or a career – we understand the importance of storytelling. How powerful it is to position what we have done, where we are going…. View Article read more

13 August 2020

Unequivocally Yours

In 2010 I fell into an upsell moment during a residential component of my coaching qualifications; having fallen deeply in love with the power of neuro-linguistic-programming and layering this over substantive coaching frameworks, I decided to hand over my credit card and invest $25,000 in a 5 day Mastermind which promised to accelerate my success… View Article read more

18 April 2020

Forget the Lessons for Now

An article written and given to my networks in 2016 – relevant to now x Ever since blurring the worlds of consulting and coaching and watching the growing tide of start-up entrepreneurs hit the scenes, I am constantly surprised and concerned by the increasing drive to have to know the lessons before we can move… View Article read more

16 March 2020

The Reality Is

Our world is changing and right now we are all trying to work out how to navigate an ever-changing reality; there is nothing new or settled about it yet, and like many of you I am surprised in each moment both my own range of emotions and reactions, and those who are visibly strengthening in… View Article read more

24 February 2020

Let’s Chat About Speaker Driven Business

I sometimes smile to myself at the irony of what I now do. As a General Manager in my late 20’s, heading into my 30’s, I actually refused to speak – getting up and speaking was exposing myself to the harshest form of judgment I could possibly imagine. My mother handed over the family recruitment business to… View Article read more

19 February 2020

Do You Have the Right to Speak to This

In recent weeks I find myself becoming increasingly vocal about what I have come to term – and it is not with affection – directed authenticity. The type of communication – speaking, pitching and presenting – training that says follow me, come with me, and I will make you an authentic speaker. What doesn’t become apparent until you… View Article read more

12 September 2019

When conversation is a by-product of connection

Whenever you are in the company of great minds you will find they will challenge your thinking, blow your mind with what is really possible and – if you are in the right room – help you navigate what has been elusive.  If we are connected on social, then you will know that I invest… View Article read more

13 August 2019

Speaking is the ultimate expression of emotional intelligence

Young, impressionable, and ambitious, when working in recruitment and consulting in 1998 I stumbled on Daniel Goleman’s book Emotional Intelligence and instantly felt he had unlocked the mysteries to building great places of work. I became obsessed, and over the next three years became accredited in as many EI and EQ assessment tools as I possibly could,… View Article read more

25 June 2019

You Had Me at Hello

I love stories with meaning and message, which are on point to my expectations, which are told in such a way as to wrap me in another world, where pictures and sensations build inside my own mind. Where I feel as though I have literally stopped time in my current reality.  Until I am jolted back… View Article read more

4 February 2019

Why Being Told ‘You Are Sooo Good’ Is Killing Your Speaking & Business

In literally thousands of conversations in the past 20 years of my career – As CEO, General Manager, Consultant, Confidant, Advisor, sometime Devil’s Advocate and now Mentor – one thing has become startlingly clear as I work more and more closely with smart people who want nothing more than to elevate their ability to speak,… View Article read more

4 December 2018

We Will No Longer Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants

When I was really establishing my career – my first career – one of the tenants that permeated everything I learnt and experienced was that we were blessed enough to be able to stand on the shoulders of giants. The sense of being able to go further than those who had come before us –… View Article read more

21 May 2018

Elevator Pitches: You Have 2 Minutes – Don’t Apologise!

Sometimes you need to listen to what is happening around you, and in the last two weeks I have almost lost count of the events I have been to where the content or the speaker has been focussed on sharing one thing – how to perfect your elevator, 1 minute and 2 minutes pitches. And… View Article read more


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