We are very good at what we do – and here’s just some of what the people in our world say about us to back us up on that big bold statement!


We are very good at what we do – and here’s just some of what the people in our world say about us to back us up on that big bold statement!

What Others Say

Kerri Pottharst

OLY, OAM, Speaker, Sydney

The training blew my mind

Thank you Jacqueline, for the best speaker training workshop I have ever attended. You exceeded my expectations. Your attention to detail was amazing. Your guidance and support has been incredible and so “on the money.” The training blew my mind. I now have so many more tools in my belt. I loved the way you could instantly relate to everyone’s different industry and guide them on producing outstanding presentations.

Vivian Castrillon Olave

Founder, teamed.io, Brisbane

Needs Headline & text shortened

I recently attended one of Jacqueline’s workshops and was blown away by her expertise, insights, and ability to engage and educate her audience. Jacqueline shared a wealth of practical tips and strategies, including techniques for calming nerves, structuring presentations, and tailoring them to specific audiences. She created a supportive environment that allowed everyone to feel comfortable and learn at their own pace – I highly recommend Jacqueline.

Dene Menzel

Founder, Brandthem, Brisbane

Her advice gave me clarity – and a powerful pitch

I met Jacqueline Nagle from Any Given Tuesday through a Creative Industry Pitch Event hosted by Innovate Moreton Bay. Jacqueline was the specialist hired to facilitate the pre-event training for the 10 Creative businesses pitching to help us craft our pitches. It was a mammoth task for Jacqueline to fit a great week of important content into one day but she delivered in spades to make the information as helpful and useful to each business as possible. For me personally, Jacqueline’s guidance gave me an objective business perspective. Her advice gave me great clarity and helped me shape my pitch into one that was impactful and engaging; I received a valuable prize for my pitch and amazing business opportunities. I cannot recommend Jacqueline enough.

Stacey McMillan-White

Founder, How to Help, Brisbane

I found my voice, and will tell my stories

I’ve hesitated writing this recommendation, because how do you put down in words when someone has changed your life, altered your trajectory in such a beautiful way? I signed up to do the 3 day immersion course not to become a speaker as such, but to find my voice. After many years of being told I talk too much or that I’ve got nothing of value to add to the conversation, I had muted myself. But after first meeting Jacqueline and realising the power of my voice, I had to learn to use it. The course was intense, there was a lot of learning, but I can honestly say, it didn’t feel like too much. It was held in such a sacred space with support every step along the way, how do I say that my mind was gently exploded? By the end of the course, I not only learned to tell my stories, to use my voice, but I felt compelled to take it to the next level. Jacqueline creates such a space of support and confidence that I feel like I not only CAN do this thing of public speaking, but that I HAVE to.