We are very good at what we do – and here’s just some of what the people in our world say about us to back us up on that big bold statement!


We are very good at what we do – and here’s just some of what the people in our world say about us to back us up on that big bold statement!

What Others Say

Sher Mitchell

Archaeologist Brisbane, Australia

From Hyperventilating to Industry Commentator

As an archaeologist unable to address the smallest of meetings without hyperventilating or spiralling with nerves, Sher came into our workshop to find her voice. The techniques and strategies she learnt in just three days accelerated her career – project managing some of Queensland’s most significant infrastructure projects, a frequent panellist for industry gatherings and regular media commentator. “Jacqueline you definitely paved the way for me to speak more confidently across my industry.”

Annastacia Wainaina

Speaker and Trusted Advisor, Sydney

She gives everything she has to ensure you rise

When Jacqueline holds your hand the world is a safe haven. One in a million an exceptional teacher/coach/supporter who holds safe space, pushes you to achieve and gives everything she has to ensure you rise. I have done many programs but the 3 days with Jacqueline was transformational and life changing. Her power and magic with words is beyond description. Jacqueline is not afraid to challenge status quo and call you into your greatness .

Heidi Horne

Health & Wellness Advocate, Speaker Sydney

This course has been answering all the questions in my mind!!

I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for the First Level Launch program. The information in this online course is exactly what I needed as an emerging keynote speaker to accelerate my growth as a speaker, and allow me to shine. Your videos feel like you are talking to me personally, and they have been answering all the questions in my mind. It is professional, comprehensive, and I would highly recommend!

Emma Schneider

Operations Manager to Julie Gillespie, Brisbane

Such an amazing and practical program! I now know how to direct, amplify & support Julie as a keynote speaker

Before starting the First Level Launch I was lost with how to support Julie Gillespie as a speaker. Her role was to get the speech written, mine was to somehow work out the rest. First Level Launch means I now know how to direct, support, and amplify Julie as a keynote speaker. The content is all on point, it’s simple to digest, easy to follow, and goes through everything you need to know. Thank you for creating such an amazing and practical program!

Pamela Wigglesworth

Certified Speaking Professional, Singapore

I am learning things that no other program has ever covered

As a professional speaker in the business for over 20 years, I make it a point to invest in my continuous learning within the speaking industry. Recently I began the First Level Launch online programme, created and conducted by Jacqueline Nagel. In all my years in the business, I have never seen a programme as in-depth as First Level Launch. I am learning things that no other programme has ever covered. In fact, don’t let the title of this programme fool you. Anyone who partakes in this programme is walking away with an MBA for Professional Speakers. Any person looking to get into the speaking business, I highly recommend you invest in First Level Launch.

Dr Jill Wade

Revolutionary Dentist, Speaker, Podcast Host, driving new frontiers in health Dallas, Texas

Forever appreciative of your ability to clarify my big message

Your gift Jacqueline is almost beyond description. You are able to see the unique gift another has to share with the world. I will be forever appreciative of your ability to clarify my big message and encourage me to be the rockstar

Sarah Morse

Professional Speaker, Melbourne

From nurse and humanitarian to corporate professional speaker

While I have been speaking on small stages for twenty years, I didn’t know how to take my speaking to the next level.

Jacqueline taught me how to get cut through as a professional speaker and took me from a small niche market to a strong brand and powerful message, which is reaching a much wider corporate audience. She also helped me grow my speaker business to be competitive in the market. Jacqueline helped me to bring ALL of myself to the stage and to be fearlessly authentic, for which I am deeply grateful.

Becky Felstead

Consent Advocate, Podcaster and Speaker Perth

Being part of such a powerful room was magic

It’s taken me 2 weeks to put into words how simply stupendous this experience was. I had a realisation while shaping my story that I had been sharing my trauma to validate myself being in the space I’m in, but the best and biggest aha moment for me in Immersion is… I don’t have to. And that. Is. A game changer.
Being part of such a powerful room and learning a structure to deliver in service to the world was magic.
I can’t wait to share this keynote and can’t wait for you all to see these women shine and change the world. What an honour is was to be be part of.
TRUST the PROCESS. Thank you endlessly to @anygiventuesday_ for your guidance, love and knowledge in this space

Olivia Ryan

Founder – She Thought She Could Art, Brisbane

It done. Its dusted. I nailed it

There is so much I want to say. Firstly it’s (Keynote to 300 in Auckland) done. It’s dusted. I nailed it. I was able to make them laugh. I was able to keep them captivated. I ran right on time and I rocked it. I had people almost chase me down to ask me more, find out more, and so I know the message got cut through. It would not have been half the presentation if I hadn’t trusted the process. Your expertise. You are a goddess my friend. I wish I had spoken to you 15 years ago when I was actually doing health and safety!”

Erica Sloan

Monash University Professor & Cancer Researcher, AUS

Jacqueline, Academia Needs You!

I’ve spent the day preparing a slide deck for a second round interview with a philanthropic group for research funding. And I thought I didn’t sell…tonight I sat down to listen to the ‘Tell me what you do’ introductory module and timing is everything! I worked through the exercises, have added numbers/statistics, added in my insight/observation as a key success factor, and added a springboard story. The points flow, are connected, tell the story of our solution, and clearly show the return on investment for the philanthropic/Australia/ The world gets from giving us funding. Jacqueline, academia needs you!

Michelle Bosch

CFO, Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur, Speaker Phoenix, Arizona

Filled with immense gratitude for this opportunity… Wow!!! What a gift with strategy and words…thank you!

Filled with immense gratitude for having had the opportunity to spend the last 3 days with you and such magnificent women. Wow!!! What a gift with strategy and words…thank you for sharing it all with us!

Mel Telecican

Owner Loyalest & Course 9 | Brisbane

Seeing the process from afar was powerful

Every so often you come across people who deliver beyond expectations – Jacqueline Nagle is one of these people. Through her training I learned to understand the frameworks to devise a powerful keynote speech; she workshopped elements of our speech one-on-one and a most valuable exercise was witnessing Jacqueline and other participants deconstruct and reconstruct their topics. Seeing the process from afar was powerful. Watching others go through the process enabled me to develop stronger concepts for myself. Jacqueline’s expertise shone through enabling all of us to create compelling scripts. I feel really fortunate to have had access to training of this calibre.