We are very good at what we do – and here’s just some of what the people in our world say about us to back us up on that big bold statement!


We are very good at what we do – and here’s just some of what the people in our world say about us to back us up on that big bold statement!

What Others Say

Kassandra Behrendt

Speaker, Jewellery Designer, Brisbane

Since working with Jacqueline, I have been booked and been paid

I’ve been doing small gigs, not paid gigs, for a couple of years when friends have asked me to, and I really enjoyed it. I wanted to go to the next level. And in order to go to the next level, you need professional help. And I’ve known Jacqueline for a couple of years, and I just trusted her. I wouldn’t use any other coach. I knew she had my back, and I knew she would give 120% and I wasn’t wrong. I’ve discovered that I’m a little bit good at this. Since working with Jacqueline, I have been booked for much larger gigs and been paid on each occasion. Everyone that wants to take to the stage in a professional manner. They need a professional coach. And Jacqueline Nagle is the only one on the planet that can do that job.

Jenny Marsh

Founder ATM2Go, Brisbane

It’s been a fantastic ride and I’ve learnt so much!

I literally signed up before I actually even knew the full content of the programme. But I haven’t regretted it at all – it’s been a fantastic ride and I’ve learned so much, probably about myself more than anything else. I love the frameworks involved with the whole process, which takes something that seems so incredibly complicated and breaks it down into something that’s certainly manageable. What’s really blown me away is the incredible connections Jacqueline makes – which means I’ve learnt a lot and I’ve met an incredible group of people

Jeanette Jifkin

Principal Lawyer, Onyx Legal, Brisbane

Jacqueline’ speech was spellbinding

Jacqueline’s speech was spellbinding – her presentation thought provoking and inspiring. She presented novel ideas clearly in a way that is easy to implement quickly and I look forward to hearing her again.

Tim Newbegin

MC, RIMPA Live National Conference

An illuminating and edifying presentation

Jacqueline with a vulnerability, conviction and a deep rich experienced based empathy based on her experiences that combined stories about life, love and work. While presenting it was noticeably evident the effect these had on shaping Jacqueline as a woman, a person and an adaptive leader and it was impossible not to be affected and inspired. An illuminating and edifying presentation encompassing a wide range of human emotions, professional and personal management techniques – and immediately useful.

Jasmin Newman

Parenting after Separation, Brisbane

Jacqueline gently commands listeners to tap into their heart

Drawing on her own experiences with grace, and at times raw transparency, Jacqueline’s speaking presence gently commands listeners to tap into their heart, engaging people to emotionally invest in a story that motivates and inspires

Rebecca Toos

Founder & Principal, Rebecca Toos Consulting, Sydney

A mix of heightened intellect and warmth

Jacqueline hosted our virtual launch of Maven Data and was able to hold the space in such an engaging, refreshing way (not easy over the screen). I particularly enjoyed the energy she was able to bring for the attendees; a mix of heightened intellect, warmth and a well crafted flow for the entire session. I’d highly recommend her!”

Elle Zimmerman

CEO & Executive Producer of Curtis Zimmerman Group, USA

I’ve never come close to experiencing her brilliance

I’ve been in the industry for almost 20 years and have never come close to experiencing the brilliance Jacqueline brings to her training! She has immense knowledge, and deep insight that allows her to tap into the best of each individual she coaches.”

Carol Cooke

Expert on Overcoming Adversity and Change/ Keynote Speaker/3 x Paralympian/Author, Melbourne

If you want to become a speaker, do Jacqueline course.

I spent 3 days last week doing Jacqueline’s 3 day Immersion program. I thought I knew a lot about speaking…but boy these 3 days tested me in a way no other course has. Not only was my whole way of speaking changed but my title and structure have been revamped and made me excited to spread my knowledge!
If you want to become a speaker, are a woman (wanting that woman’s touch – trust me we all needed it) then you need (not want -NEED) to do her course. I came away from those 3 days so excited for my future, more excited than I have ever been!
I can recommend that you won’t regret it!!

Natalie Cooke

Gold Medal Olympian, Director | Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games Organising Committee.

Jacqueline’s delivery exceeded my expectations

Jacqueline’s online workshop delivery exceeded my expectations. She truly is a masterful facilitator. It was just as good as being in the room live, her ability to draw me in and engage her entire audience through the screen was awesome. Her energy, passion, immersive content and attention to detail had me on the edge of my seat the whole time! Thanks for going the extra mile to ensure we all got it!

Kate Osborne

Speaker & Coach, Gold Coast, Australia

Sold six figures and landed a paid keynote

I heard Jacqueline speak and realised as much as I loved speaking I had never generated results, or work out of it. I attended her 3 day workshop and the first time I delivered my new speech to an audience of more than 100 entrepreneurs I sold more than six figures in coaching services AND landed a paid speaking gig on Hamilton Island with all expenses paid for my family and I – without a single pitch. “Jacqueline is literally the Midwife of Keynotes”

Heidi Schwegler

Speaker Award Winning Financial Planner Melbourne, Australia

From Speaking for Free to Paid Expert & Speaker

I was looking to bring to life my knowledge and expertise through a Keynote but unsure where to start. I’d been speaking for years, had plenty of experience but didn’t have the skill to take it to the next level. Enter Jacqueline. She helped get my ideas, thoughts and experience out on paper and into a Keynote. Since meeting her I’ve featured in The Australian Newspaper twice, been a panellist on Sky News and landed a Paid Keynote at an upcoming conference.

Heidi Arndt

COO Austin, Texas, USA

First Standing Ovation from 5,500 People!

I had the pleasure to work with Jacqueline and she completely opened my mind and elevated my talk beyond what I could have expected. Kind, patient and professional, her way of crafting phrases and building a story are amazing! She is the most talented speakers coach I have ever encountered. We reshaped a keynote to deliver to a conference of 5,500 people in Chicago– my third presentation to this audience. With her help I got my first EVER standing ovation!