We are very good at what we do – and here’s just some of what the people in our world say about us to back us up on that big bold statement!


We are very good at what we do – and here’s just some of what the people in our world say about us to back us up on that big bold statement!

What Others Say

Amanda Cole

Independent Chair, Experienced Facilitator, Brisbane

I highly recommend Jacqueline for speaker training or as a keynote speaker

Jacqueline contributed to one of our panels recently – her content was specific, professionally delivered and targeted specifically for our audience. She is a natural storyteller and has significant and relevant stories to share from her life experience. It was a pleasure to work with her for and I highly recommend Jacqueline for speaker training or as a keynote speaker. She is a consummate professional.

Judy King

Transformational Coach, Speaker, Sunshine Coast

Nothing beats what Jacqueline has created

“I’ve been through a lot of coaching and mentorships, but nothing beats what Jacqueline has created for women who want to be seen, heard, and remembered. Not only is Jacqueline a phenomenal and formidable mentor who has been through the trenches herself, she is also driven from her heart and deep passion to support women to raise their voice, and do it powerfully. “

Kate Osbourne

Speaker & Coach, Gold Coast, Australia

Sold six figures and landed a paid keynote

I heard Jacqueline speak and realised as much as I loved speaking I had never generated results, or work out of it. I attended her 3 day workshop and the first time I delivered my new speech to an audience of more than 100 entrepreneurs I sold more than six figures in coaching services AND landed a paid speaking gig on Hamilton Island with all expenses paid for my family and I – without a single pitch. “Jacqueline is literally the Midwife of Keynotes”

Heidi Schwegler

Speaker Award Winning Financial Planner Melbourne, Australia

From Speaking for Free to Paid Expert & Speaker

I was looking to bring to life my knowledge and expertise through a Keynote but unsure where to start. I’d been speaking for years, had plenty of experience but didn’t have the skill to take it to the next level. Enter Jacqueline. She helped get my ideas, thoughts and experience out on paper and into a Keynote. Since meeting her I’ve featured in The Australian Newspaper twice, been a panellist on Sky News and landed a Paid Keynote at an upcoming conference.

Sher Mitchell

Archaeologist Brisbane, Australia

From Hyperventilating to Industry Commentator

As an archaeologist unable to address the smallest of meetings without hyperventilating or spiralling with nerves, Sher came into our workshop to find her voice. The techniques and strategies she learnt in just three days accelerated her career – project managing some of Queensland’s most significant infrastructure projects, a frequent panellist for industry gatherings and regular media commentator. “Jacqueline you definitely paved the way for me to speak more confidently across my industry.”

Annastacia Wainaina

Speaker and Trusted Advisor, Sydney

She gives everything she has to ensure you rise

When Jacqueline holds your hand the world is a safe haven. One in a million an exceptional teacher/coach/supporter who holds safe space, pushes you to achieve and gives everything she has to ensure you rise. I have done many programs but the 3 days with Jacqueline was transformational and life changing. Her power and magic with words is beyond description. Jacqueline is not afraid to challenge status quo and call you into your greatness .

Pamela Wigglesworth

Certified Speaking Professional, Singapore

I am learning things that no other program has ever covered

As a professional speaker in the business for over 20 years, I make it a point to invest in my continuous learning within the speaking industry. Recently I began the First Level Launch online programme, created and conducted by Jacqueline Nagel. In all my years in the business, I have never seen a programme as in-depth as First Level Launch. I am learning things that no other programme has ever covered. In fact, don’t let the title of this programme fool you. Anyone who partakes in this programme is walking away with an MBA for Professional Speakers. Any person looking to get into the speaking business, I highly recommend you invest in First Level Launch.

Becky Felstead

Consent Advocate, Podcaster and Speaker Perth

Being part of such a powerful room was magic

It’s taken me 2 weeks to put into words how simply stupendous this experience was. I had a realisation while shaping my story that I had been sharing my trauma to validate myself being in the space I’m in, but the best and biggest aha moment for me in Immersion is… I don’t have to. And that. Is. A game changer.
Being part of such a powerful room and learning a structure to deliver in service to the world was magic.
I can’t wait to share this keynote and can’t wait for you all to see these women shine and change the world. What an honour is was to be be part of.
TRUST the PROCESS. Thank you endlessly to @anygiventuesday_ for your guidance, love and knowledge in this space

Olivia Ryan

Founder – She Thought She Could Art, Brisbane

It done. Its dusted. I nailed it

There is so much I want to say. Firstly it’s (Keynote to 300 in Auckland) done. It’s dusted. I nailed it. I was able to make them laugh. I was able to keep them captivated. I ran right on time and I rocked it. I had people almost chase me down to ask me more, find out more, and so I know the message got cut through. It would not have been half the presentation if I hadn’t trusted the process. Your expertise. You are a goddess my friend. I wish I had spoken to you 15 years ago when I was actually doing health and safety!”

Stacey McMillan-White

Founder, How to Help, Brisbane

I found my voice, and will tell my stories

I’ve hesitated writing this recommendation, because how do you put down in words when someone has changed your life, altered your trajectory in such a beautiful way? I signed up to do the 3 day immersion course not to become a speaker as such, but to find my voice. After many years of being told I talk too much or that I’ve got nothing of value to add to the conversation, I had muted myself. But after first meeting Jacqueline and realising the power of my voice, I had to learn to use it. The course was intense, there was a lot of learning, but I can honestly say, it didn’t feel like too much. It was held in such a sacred space with support every step along the way, how do I say that my mind was gently exploded? By the end of the course, I not only learned to tell my stories, to use my voice, but I felt compelled to take it to the next level. Jacqueline creates such a space of support and confidence that I feel like I not only CAN do this thing of public speaking, but that I HAVE to.

Mell Millgate


One of the best workshop experiences I have ever been to

Wow! I attended the Any Given Tuesday Immersion Workshop and, seriously, this is one of the best workshop’s and experiences I have ever been to.

I went into the Immersion program with no idea of what I would become. Jacqueline provided an intimate environment and the skills I acquired are lifetime assets. I now know my speaking identity, have a clear understanding of my message and a blueprint that will guide my every keynote. Jacqueline gave us the tools and techniques to confidently engage and inspire listeners and I’m so excited to step into the world of keynote speaking.

Lee Foster

Founder, Innovate Wisely, Brisbane

The best investment I have ever made in myself

Jaqueline is a master at enabling and supporting others in their pursuit of being masterful on stage – whether that is corporate or public. I am stretched way beyond my comfort zone to even think that one day I may get paid to tell my story about my desire, my journey, to help others innovate so that we call all work towards fixing the planet. I’ve learned so much. I am so grateful. I believe it is the best investment I’ve ever made in myself thus far.