We are very good at what we do – and here’s just some of what the people in our world say about us to back us up on that big bold statement!


We are very good at what we do – and here’s just some of what the people in our world say about us to back us up on that big bold statement!

What Others Say

Leonie Lomax

Coach, Grief Advocate, Victoria

There’s been growth, vulnerability, courage, tears and laughter

I joined The Cohort knowing it would be life changing – Jacqueline has created an amazing program and her facilitation is powerful, interactive, and supportive. The added bonus is being with incredible, like-minded women in the group. There’s been growth, vulnerability, courage, tears, and laughter. It’s been a great decision for myself and my business.

Lee Foster

Founder, Innovate Wisely, Brisbane

The best investment I have ever made in myself

Jaqueline is a master at enabling and supporting others in their pursuit of being masterful on stage – whether that is corporate or public. I am stretched way beyond my comfort zone to even think that one day I may get paid to tell my story about my desire, my journey, to help others innovate so that we call all work towards fixing the planet. I’ve learned so much. I am so grateful. I believe it is the best investment I’ve ever made in myself thus far.

Judy King

Transformational Coach, Speaker, Sunshine Coast

Nothing beats what Jacqueline has created

“I’ve been through a lot of coaching and mentorships, but nothing beats what Jacqueline has created for women who want to be seen, heard, and remembered. Not only is Jacqueline a phenomenal and formidable mentor who has been through the trenches herself, she is also driven from her heart and deep passion to support women to raise their voice, and do it powerfully. “

Amanda Cole

Independent Chair, Experienced Facilitator, Brisbane

I highly recommend Jacqueline for speaker training or as a keynote speaker

Jacqueline contributed to one of our panels recently – her content was specific, professionally delivered and targeted specifically for our audience. She is a natural storyteller and has significant and relevant stories to share from her life experience. It was a pleasure to work with her for and I highly recommend Jacqueline for speaker training or as a keynote speaker. She is a consummate professional.

Retha Wiesner

Pracademic, Professor University of Southern Queensland, Gold Coast

A superb presenter with an excellent command of content

USQ’s WiRE Program invited Jacqueline to conduct a presentation on “Crafting and Communicating your Story” as part of the WiRE Business Women’s Bootcamp – Reset and re-imagine your business. Her presentation was full of fresh and quality information and strategies that helped participants to craft and communicate their stories. She is a superb presenter, with an excellent command of the content, great real examples, and professional delivery. I am continuing to engage her services as she has a really positive impact on how women share their stories.

Jeff Hughes

CEO, This Story Australia, Brisbane

Jacqueline was on point from the beginning

As a facilitator Jacqueline was on point from the beginning. She easily engaged the audience and spoke with energy and knowledge about the pitching process. I noticed a point of difference 15 minutes into the seminar – she really listened and made an effort to make insightful comments to each and every participant. An active listener is a rare find in Professional Development situations and Jacqueline was a consummate professional. I couldn’t recommend Jacqueline highly enough!

Chris Wilson

Stress Scientist, Leadership Coach, Adelaide

The level of empowerment you delivered was way above expectation

Thank you Jacqueline Nagle for your amazing wisdom, wit and wonder in the BEST 3 days I have spent on my business and personal development. Everything you did was extraordinary, the level of encouragement and empowerment you delivered was way above expectation. You are creating a beautiful, inspiring tribe that will go to war for you Jacqueline. This doesn’t only come from good formats and great collateral but being an amazing human that everyone can relate to.

Bron Williams

Speaker, Advisor, PhD Candidate, Melbourne

She is a wonderful combination of warmth and butt-kickery!

I sought out Jacqueline because I needed a real and actionable strategy to build my business. She has not failed me, giving me clear steps and strategy and sees the progress I am making even when I cannot. Jacqueline could see the connection between my experience and what the market place needs and under her care and direction I have shifted to doing my best work making a difference in the lives of others and be paid for it. Even Covid was NO MATCH for her skills – she worked with me to pick up and deliver online training to a new international corporate client!

Zoe Eather

Smart Community Specialist, Engineer, Speaker & MC, Brisbane

It’s like renting a brain!

“It’s like renting a brain!” It’s communication of message; we brainstorm and you drop magic everywhere. When I pull that into my speaking and my work it becomes crystal clear. I can make what I do and how I think real for others because now I can explain it. You push me to do things I would otherwise avoid; it’s also the practical. You can pull together a proposal that gets attention, still meets criteria, and wins.

Dave Greenberg

Speaker, Consultant, Emergency Response Specialist, Wellington

She reshaped my keynote. My marketing strategies and my offers.

As we approached the middle of 2023, I knew I needed a good kick in the ass and/or a gentle guiding hand to help me get to the next level in my speaking and training business. One of the things I love about working with Jacqueline is that she is able to offer both! During a full-day strategy session she helped me reshape my keynote and training topics by helping me see things through the lens of a CEO and what benefits my topics bring to their organisation. We laughed a lot and had a few tears along the way, but I ended the day with a fresh look at what I offer, solid changes to my marketing strategies and the outline of a brilliant new keynote which will help organisations face crises differently. I cannot recommend Jacqueline highly enough.

Mell Millgate


One of the best workshop experiences I have ever been to

Wow! I attended the Any Given Tuesday Immersion Workshop and, seriously, this is one of the best workshop’s and experiences I have ever been to.

I went into the Immersion program with no idea of what I would become. Jacqueline provided an intimate environment and the skills I acquired are lifetime assets. I now know my speaking identity, have a clear understanding of my message and a blueprint that will guide my every keynote. Jacqueline gave us the tools and techniques to confidently engage and inspire listeners and I’m so excited to step into the world of keynote speaking.

Kat Marsalek

Mortgage Broker, Financial Advocate, Brisbane

With Jacqueline’s help I will be doing what I was put on this earth to do

The Cohort has done more for me than I could have imagined. I came in not even knowing what I wanted to do for work, I didn’t know how to tell stories. And now it’s absolutely transformed me. I knew I had something I wanted to say, but I didn’t know how to say it. Jacqueline has helped me do that. And I’m probably even getting a bit emotional about it – because ever since I was born, I knew I wanted to make a difference and I wanted to help people. But I didn’t know what that looked like. And now with Jacqueline’s help I will be doing what I was put on this earth to do. So Jacqueline, thank you so so much.