Story Selling
(How to stop working with idiots)

It’s not the market.  It’s you.  It is that simple.  If you want to make an impact then you must embrace Sales.  And if you want to make a sustainable difference then you must master the craft of Story Selling

This powerful workshop deconstructs the sales myths, smashes you out of the funnel-web, and gives you the most powerful sales skills you will ever hold.  The same skills Jacqueline has used to take consultants from zero start to million and multi-million dollar portfolios.  Fast. That saw an entire sales team at Tattersalls quadruple their conversion rate and exit wrong clients early. 

You will have the tools to rapidly increase your average sale value, through winning the work you actually want to do – which means no longer having to work with idiots all whilst creating sustainable, predictable pipelines of cash. 
This program will change the game if you:
Want to accelerate sales results without spending more money or building more funnels
Are exhausted from working with the wrong clients for not enough money
Are an early stage knowledge-based business founding owner or entrepreneur
Prices are inclusive of all taxes.  For Group Bookings for 4 or more please contact us on the Lets Chat form above for concessional pricing.   Payment Plans Are Available; simply click on the Lets Do This Button to view available options.  The workshop is inclusive of all catering, workbooks, and materials.  Enrolments and registrations are non-refundable, but can be transferred to another person or held over to a future event on request. 

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