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Have you ever wondered why you connect better with some people more than others? Discover how to improve your communication through the 5 languages of Influence™.


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Any Given Tuesday is inspired by a reading I came across in April 2021. The reading was about marriage, speaking to how a successful marriage starts its life in celebration; a day, a weekend, when there is joy and, a focus on love, where you are the centre of attention, ideas and dreams and laughter and hopes abound. But the successful marriages come down to the ability to still show up and love each other on any Tuesday. When the noise has quietened. When dreams are threatened. When it takes more than hopes and ideas to sustain us

which is exactly how success is created

Great ideas abound; the ability to do something with those ideas, to bring them to life, to move through the hard slog that business and entrepreneurship is takes more than lightbulb moments and passionate conversations. It is about taking the good with the bad, riding the rollercoaster, dealing with the highs and the lows

It is about having the ability to just GSD on the days when you really don’t want to. It is about building the skills you need to be successful. It is about understanding just what it takes to carve your own pathway to success. It means being able to do what you do.

on any given tuesday

The 5 Languages of Influence™

We have five innate human languages to influence positive action. Understanding these and aligning yourself with what works best allows you to better direct things your way.